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Widdy needs an operation called an episioplasty.

She is a Chihuahua mixed breed dog who is loved very much by her owner who is unemployed and can't afford the surgery. If she doesn't have the procedure done she won't survive for very long. Widdy is a little 6 year old Chihuahua mix dog and she was just diagnosed with something referred to as chronic perivulvar dermatitis. It is a defect that she was apparently born with but only recently has started having complications with. Her vet says that she needs a procedure done called an episioplasty. Right now she is suffering from painful infections and is currently on antibiotics which are very expensive and only a temporary solution. As you can see from her pictures, she is a very happy little dog and she has been my best and sometimes only friend for the past 6 years. She is very active and playful and loves to play fetch with one of her favorite toys, or chase the laser pointer. Is spayed and has a microchip and eats good quality food and gets lots of exercise. With the operation, she has a very good prognosis with plenty of happy healthy years left, but if she doesn't have the surgery the infections will kill her.  You can also make a donation by visiting  the "Widdy's Thank You Gifts" section on our Zazzle store. There you can receive one of many fully customizable artists designed products. Right now, all sales will help me reach my goal for Widdy's operation. I have provided her with the best possible care throughout her little life and sometimes to a fault. Now I am unemployed and have already exhausted my family and friends for help with things like rent, utilities and groceries. Everyone is struggling in some way or another and an operation for a little dog just doesn't take high priority. I really try to have the proper perspective and I realize that our pets just don't have the same life expectancy as humans do, but she isn't old yet and I just recently lost my father to colon cancer this past December so I just don't think I could bear losing Widdy because I can't pay for her care. Any help we receive would be appreciated beyond imagination and all donations will go directly to her veterinary hospital. (For more information on her condition and the surgical proceedure she needs please visit the links tab above. But be sure to come back here :D)   Thank you for taking time to read our story. Beth and Widdy  
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