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Please, join in helping the Phaneuf family through this most difficult time.

How much can one family endure? How can a family of four beautiful individuals continue to find the strength needed to go on when two of their family members are fighting two very devastating diseases.
Nathaniel Phaneuf is 10 years old. Diagnosised as an infant with MPS II, known as Hunter Syndrome, he suffers from a rare genetic disorder that affects his whole body. Deficient in a a critical enzyme, he is unable to break down a complex chain of sugars. With what is considered a severe case, Nathaniel's health is a continuous cycle of decline, robbing him of his mental and physical abilities. He is a happy boy though no longer able to communicate with words.
Nathaniel's mother, Lisa, and father, Russell, have devoted their lives to ensuring that Nathaniel receives every treatment possible to slow the progression of this syndrome. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Hunter Syndrome but his parents are hopeful that new treatments may become available that would prolong Nathaniel's life.
One would think that their devotion to their son's health, their amazing ability to provide a normal life for their five year old daughter, Chelsea, their steadfast promotion of the need for further funding for rare diseases and their tireless commitment to raising awareness of Hunter Syndrome would be rewarded.
Unfortunately, in May of 2011, they received horrible news. Russell was diagnosised with esophageal cancer. He has been in treatment for over a year including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer is very aggressive and continues to spread. For several months now, Russell has been fed through a feeding tube and is so weak that he spends much of the day sleeping. The prognosis is not good. The doctor's goal is to slow the cancer down. Naturally, the family's goal is to find a cure so that Russell can see his children grow up.
Two very different diseases; two very sad realities. And one loving family that very much deserves to be able to concentrate on getting better NOT on getting by. Their focus needs to be on fighting these diseases, on finding a cure, on sharing treasured moments together as a family. Through the generous support of friends, family and strangers, it is our hope that the Phaneuf family can do just that.
Please, help with the financial burden which they face so that they don't have to spend a moment of their time worrying about their mortgage, their car payment, and their bills. EVERY moment they have together is precious.
Thank you for your generosity and support.
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