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Sydney the wonder dog is sick and needs our help. All donations will assist with veterinary expenses for this beautiful and gentle animal.

Every once in a while an animal comes into our lives that is so wonderful they make us feel better just being around them. It’s like they are pure love covered in fur. Sydney is that kind of animal. She is a gentle eight-year-old Old English sheepdog that has been stricken with an autoimmune disease called sebaceous adenitis. Sydney also has arthritis. SA opens her skin to infection that targets her arthritic joints, causing pain and swelling. The infection can be catastrophic. Last December Sydney almost died from complications from this syndrome. She spent ten days in critical care and because she was so toxic, systemically, her medical team couldn’t pinpoint the source of the infections. But Sydney wouldn’t give up and neither would the veterinary staff or her owner David Kean.

Sydney’s now had a second flare of SA/infection but treatment began very early, heading off another near catastrophic experience.

To complicate matters SA is a little understood disease that affects many different breeds, including Akitas, poodles, huskies and Samoyeds. Sydney is the first Old English sheepdog that any of the dog internal medicine and dermatological vets/experts have seen. The worry is that even within long and well documented purebred lines, the disease is on the advance. “It seems that our Sydney has volunteered to be the official poster child to find better treatments and, hopefully, a cure,” says Dave.

To date Sydney's veterinary bills exceed $14,000 but Dave knows his beloved pet is worth every penny and more: "She's just such a sweet animal and loved by so many friends and clients. She greets everyone at the studio and at home with a bum wiggle.” She is truly a gentle and amazing dog even after everything she's been through. In her first ten days at the Western Veterinary Clinic she had so won over the staff they put her recovery bed in the middle of the circle of the vet’s desks.

Dave has had Sydney ever since she was eight weeks old. She’s an integral part of his life and a constant companion accompanying him to work everyday in his recording studio/music museum at The Audities Foundation (which is a registered not for profit entity.) As an artist, and sole full time employee of Audities, Dave doesn’t earn a large income but taking care of Sydney is a huge priority in his life. “Anyone who knows Sydney will agree that she is the most friendly, loving and soft animal ever.”

SA requires long term management, which can be frustrating for both owners and veterinarians. There may be periods of spontaneous improvement or worsening of the condition, independent of treatment. Which means Sydney's condition will have to be continually monitored and treated.

Sydney and Dave need your help. She is such a loving and lovely animal with years of life left to live. Every dollar raised will go directly towards offsetting and assisting her medical expenses.

And every dollar counts so please do not think you have to make a big donation to have a big effect on the outcome.

Sydney and Dave thank you so much for your support. It means the world to them. Thank you. (Oh and Sydney owes you a bum wiggle!)

Sydney’s amazing care is being provided by Dr. Deborah Henderson DVM and staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre in Calgary, AB.

(If you would prefer to mail a check, you may do so in David Kean's name. e-mail for the address.)
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