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The family and friends of Isaiah are uniting to raise money to help with the cost of ongoing medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Isaiah is an 8 year old child with a severe history of Psychological Disorders that are now threatening the well-being of the family financially. This is a family in dire straights, that needs us to come together as a global community to help out now!!

Isaiah has been diagnosed with:
- Pervasive Developmental Disorder, A Typical Autism
- Psychotic Disorder NOS
- Mood disorder NOS
- Anxiety disorder
*Scitzoeffected and Bipolar *(Diagnosed by Psychologist - has not been formally diagnosed by a Psychiatrist as of today) His GAF score is 30 (Global Assessment of Functioning) "30-21 Behavior is considered influenced by delusions or hallucinations OR serious impairment in communications or judgment OR inability to function in all areas." (e.g., sometimes incoherent, acts grossly inappropriately, suicidal preoccupation) OR inability to function in almost all areas )

The Rivers family live in a small rural community with very little resources for treatment. Since the family is on Medical (state public insurance) there are very few doctors that will treat such a serious case under such limited insurance coverage. Without a vehicle, the family's only alternative is walking and busing. While this may not be an issue for another child, in Isaiah's case it is a an issue that is overwhelming. The medical facility where he should be seen is a 2 hour bus ride away. Not an option. These facilities being UCLA and Loma Linda Hospital. Isaiah must be held onto and guided while walking as the "voices" (hallucinations) tell him to hurt himself and run into traffic etc.

His mother is no longer able to work, as Isaiah needs full time 24/7 supervision and is unable to function in a classroom setting. He is home schooled by his mom to the best of her ability.

While the family has said that they need a minimum of $5000.00, to recover some of the costs, and purchase a used vehicle for transportation. We anticipate that with Isaiah not receiving proper medical care because of funding, and getting worse by the day, the costing will easily double or triple shortly.

Please support this family in their dire time of need, to ensure that Isaiah doesn't become a statistic. With your contributions, they can get the necessary help and create a safe home environment to keep Isaiah at home.

Even a $10.00 donation will go a long way!! Let's give this young boy a chance at some mental peace and stability and put the family back on track.

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