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My father needs help with medical bills and supplies. badly.

I am Heather Cawley - my dad is Edward "Frankie" Cawley. He is about to turn 62 on November 12 (the date the fundraiser ends). He is in desperate need of help of any kind. If you know my father, you know that he has been DEAF basically his entire life..he has 0% hearing in one ear, and only 10% hearing in the other (with a hearing aid). I am doing this fundraiser because a few weeks ago, my dad was being tested to get a cochlear implant (to hear again. He was finally going to be able to hear for the first time! He was approved for the procedure and it was going to be covered 100% by medicare!!! He was SO excited!!

Then only a few days after his tests, he suffered a major seizure and almost died.. While at the hospital they discovered that he has a BRAIN AVM and must have braing surgery. During his seizure, he re-fractured his back in 2 places and bit his tongue very badly. He spent over a week in the hospital and another week in rehab learning to walk again. My dad has COPD, Osteoporosis, Compressed Vertebrae, Hearing Loss, Sleep Apnea, and now seizures and a Brain AVM. He is on disability and has medicare but they will not cover most of what he needs. He needs a wheelchair and possibly crutches... anything that can help him walk. He needs a cane and his back-brace. (He was fitted for a back-brace and it was ordered BUT when he came to pick it up,  he had no money- so they wouldn't even let him take it)

When packing his bags for rehab,  I realized that he has barely any clothing, he literally only owns 5 pair of underwear, and a bunch of raggedy old tshirts and jeans. He also desperatly needs glasses but can not afford them (he uses a magnifying glass to read). His  dishwasher is broken, and so is the clothes dryer. On Sept 16th 2012 ,his step-dad passed away ontop of everything else....It seems like things are falling apart.

My fathers medical bills just keep getting bigger. I will be working soon and able to help more, but for now, i have to be here for my dad. He is alone without me or my husband being home. He can not drive for 6 months because of seizures too.

My dad came home a Dr. appt recently and they told him that his brain surgery may cause him to go blind, so he has been crying and terrified that he will be deaf and blind.... its heart breaking..I am so worried about him.

My dad has worked so hard painting houses his whole life so that he could do for me. He has done without so much , for me. It is my turn to help him.... he desperatly needs it. His income is only from disability and that money barely covers the cost of living and eating. He can not afford anything and has been getting food at food banks recently. He does not have food stamps or anything like that...

I am reaching out to you, letting you know that anything will help. Donations to this fundraiser will help with medical bills and equipment, he also needs used items like clothing & medical equipment.

Send an email to me ( to let me know if you can help in anyway. I want to help get his mind off of the money trouble, and show him that people do care. Too much stress is bad for his condition :(

Thank you. If you have any questions you can email me personally.

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