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Brain tumor survivor needs your help to learn to speak and write again in order communicate to work & lead a long & prosperous life.

I would like to take the time to tell you about a young, kind, strong-willed man in need of your help. His name is Alfredo Manuel-Sanchez. He is just 22 years old.

On Friday, September 21st 2012 he was riding home from work on his mountain bike when he had an accident and flew over the handle bars onto his shoulder and face. He didnt go to the hospital until the following day because his shoulder was hurting really bad and he thought he might have dislocated it.

Little did he know, this bike accident would be a miracle! Believe it or not his shoulder was just bruised very badly. They did x-rays on his face because he had landed on his face. This is how they found a mass on his head. They decided to admit him and do further testing. An MRI revealed a brain tumor, low-grade glioma. According to the doctors, it was not caused by the accident. It had been long growing inside of him. They advised him, without surgery, it would eventually become a fast growing cancerous tumor that would take his life very young. He decided to have the surgery to remove the tumor. He was advised of some complications that could occur. The tumor was removed 3 days after being admitted into the hospital but not without some complications.

He is grateful to be alive and to have the opportunity for a longer life but he cannot speak nor can he write. Luckily brain scans show normal brain activity which shows hope that he may be able to learn these functions again. It is fortunate to be healthy, alive and tumor-free but he has not worked and he and his girlfriend are struggling financially. He lives with his girlfriend and her children. She is not able to financially support all of his and her family’s needs by herself. He does not have medical benefits and his medical bills are piling up. He still needs speech therapy as well as more doctor appointments in the future. He is of hispanic descent and was able to speak English and Spanish and now must learn both again to communicate with his family and the world around him. She is asking for your help so Alfredo can receive the professional help he needs.

He will need MRI’s every  three to six months because the doctors have told him that this is the type of tumor which has a high percentage of returning. If he is financially able to get checked every six months, they will be able to detect if the tumor has returned and might be able to prevent it from growing with radiation and chemotherapy. He still has more appointments in the near future with cancer doctors and his neurosurgeon. MRI’s and brain scans as well as cancer appointments are very expensive if you do not have medical benefits. We are having a fundraiser for Alfredo to raise money for medical expenses and living expenses that have put this family behind. Follow your heart and lend a hand. You can replace the money you give but you can never replace a life.

Update; October 27th Alfredo has learned to say about fifty words in English and about the same in Spanish. His doctor was very excited to hear this news. It still takes him a very long time to say one word because he has to think hard on how to move his lips. I have worked very hard with him to teach him to speak and write again. I have not worked the entire month to stay home and help him. We are struggling financially and I must find work. Alfredo's situation is hopeful but he still needs speech and occupational therapy.

I hope you find it in your hearts to help him. If you would like to know more about Alfredo and his situation feel free to contact us at

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