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The Wolowice family needs your help. Help us pay for our Basset Hounds Parvovirus vet bills.

Anyone who has ever bought a dog and brought them home knows how fast they grow on yourself and your family. My wife and I bought a 12 week old Basset Hound "Roxy" and she did just that. She was an instant companion to our other Basset Hound and my wife and I. We did a lot of research and did everything we could to make sure we had a perfectly healthy dog before we brought her home. Unfortunately both the breeder's vet and our personal vet didn't see any signs that something was wrong until it was too late. She began getting sick and it was discovered that she had (Parvovirus). Most of us dog owners know how awful Parvo can be for a dog if not treated and even then there aren't always positive outcomes. My wife and I managed to pull enough of our money together to give Roxy the best chances to fight her condition. We had her under 24hr care at a vet hospital to make sure that anything she needed was available to her right at that very moment. Sadly enough Roxy fought for a week before she took a turn for the worse and a decision needed to be made to put her down and end her suffering. After all the expenses from the vets and her week long stay in a vet hospital our total ended up around $6,000.00 dollars. We really could use as much help as possible to deal with all the costs from this terrible event. My wife and I appreciate anyone/everyone who is willing to help us through this and it really means a lot to us to see that people support us just like we supported Roxy.

If you have any comments/concerns with this site or how to donate please contact us on our cell's:
Kyle's cell: (928)399-2727
Michelle's cell: (727)656-4250

If you would like to donate by check instead, please mail to:
Kyle Wolowice
7831 113th Ave. E.
Parrish, FL. 34219
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