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Striving to give James a voice in court to allow for him to be involved in decision making regarding his own life and well-being.

I am currently going through major financial hardships being able to afford legal representation to fight for the well-being of my almost 7 year old son James. His father is trying desperately via lies, violence and manipulation of the legal system to take James away from me, his mother.I am desperate to come up with some sort of financial backing to be able to obtain legal representation for myself and my son so that we can successfully combat his father's attacks and so my son can remain legally and safely where he belongs, not in foster-care, not with his abusive father but at home!
Because James is a minor, he has no legal right (according to the courts a minor must be 13 years old to have their voice heard in court) to have any say in how he feels about either parent, the trauma he's experienceing or where he'd ultimately like to be placed.DCFS is now involved in our family doing their own investigation and although they have ruled me the better of the two parents, I still don't have the backing I need to protect James.Because their investigation is time-consuming and current orders exist giving the father rights and priveledge, I am trapped between violation of orders to protect my son and the possibility of endangering him mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically.
Your kind encouragement along with a humble heart-felt donation would greatly benefit our long-standing goal of raising enough money to afford legal representation so that in the end, James voice CAN and WILL be heard!!!
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