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The funds so selflessly given will be used for the expenses due to moving hours from home to deliver this sweet blessing we call Grace Levi.

Our Amazing Grace Levi

About Us

We are the Davis family….Marty, Shawna, Hailee & on the way Grace Levi. This is how our lives changed….for the better.

On April 27th 2012, We got the great news that Hailee is going to be a BIG SISTER !!!! It was wonderful news & a much needed blessing, seeing as how at the time, I was in ICU with Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

I had a ultrasound that same day, unknown to me, I was almost 12 weeks pregnant. The baby’s heartbeat was 172.…and everything looked perfect. We call him/her Baby Davis.

On May 10th, I went for my 1st OB appointment….we got to see the Baby Davis again….at this time I was 14weeks and a few days. Again , heartbeat was perfect, 151, Baby Davis is doing great….as with all high risk pregnancies, I was sent for a detailed level 2 ultrasound in Jackson Ms, with Dr. Perry. Everything changed.

June 10th , we had our level 2 ultra sound. Baby Davis’ heartbeat was still great, and doing fine. We got to see Baby Davis play and move and hiccup….I was 18 weeks and the sonogram lasted for almost a hour. We were excited to be able to see Baby Davis for so long. We also still call him/her baby Davis at this point because he/she just wouldn’t let us see what they were….the doctor was quiet throughout the ultrasound, this concerned me , but I was happy just to see Baby Davis.

Dr. Perry finished the ultrasound . He said he had a few concerns. Baby Davis’ heart didn’t look right, and her little head measured bigger than normal, also her arms measured smaller. We were terrified.
He scheduled us to see a pediatric cardiologist in July. We went home with a month full of questions and whys ,what ifs and how’s. Though we kept our faith and left it all in Gods hands. Its all we could do.

July 10th , we seen Dr Shores….the pediatric cardiologist at UMC.
She diagnosed Baby Davis with Truncus Arteriousis …. Baby Davis’ aortas didn’t separate. The heart cant pump the blood to the specific area it needs to go & Baby Davis will need surgery at a week old….One Tiny WEEK old….We were heartbroken for our baby. Later that day we seen Dr. Perry again….and got a glimmer of good news….Hailee was going to be a big SISTER to a little SISTER….Baby Davis is a GIRL !!!! We decided her name is Grace Levi….Our Amazing Grace.

August 7th….We go back to Jackson , to Batsons Children Hospital. Were we see and meet the OB Dr. Bofill, we also see Dr. Shores again. We now know Grace Levi has Vacterl/Vater Syndrome with Hydrocephalus and Truncus Arteriousis….and she is missing her right leg.
Not only will she need a conduit placed in her heart, she will also need a shunt placed to drain the fluid from her brain. The Vacterl/Vater Syndrome has affected her limbs….shortened arms and her missing right leg. The doctor said though a long road and a lot of work was ahead, Grace Levi could lead a normal thriving life with the right care. So we are moving from Mooreville Ms to Jackson Ms to be close to her doctors.

This diagnosis changes nothing of how much a blessing Grace Levi is and will continue to be throughout her life. Though we are scared and terrified , we have faith in God, we know Grace Levi’s life will be different, we know we will be different….she wont however be loved any different. Our babies are our world and that’s what we will give them….the world. A world of love , laughter, happiness, faith, prayer, Godliness , fun and whatever else we can be blessed to bless them with.

At 34 weeks in mid September, soon after Hailee’s 7th birthday, We will have to move to Jackson to stay until Grace Levi is born at 38 weeks….this will be a major move for us. We are hoping for her to be born on October 23rd…..her and big sister Hailee would then be exactly 7yrs and 1 month apart.

Grace Levi will be in the hospital after her surgery for 3-6 weeks. Not only is this heartbreaking and scary for us, it also is for big sister Hailee. We will be gone for 2months or more while she stays in Mooreville with Nana to attend school, until we get set up in or near Jackson.

Marty has had to miss a lot of work, due to the Jackson trips and extra doctor visits. We are thankful for how understanding his job has been. I couldn’t have done this alone , and the type of loving caring and selfless person that Marty is, he never would have allowed me to….He has been to every doctor appointment and been the strong rock we have needed. He loves his little girls….and couldn’t be a more proud Daddy.

We cant wait to meet her , though we don’t want to meet her too soon….I pray she is as strong when she’s on the outside as she has been while she was on the inside. Children amaze us ….our Amazing Grace Levi has and will amaze us all. The understanding and selflessness of her 6 yr old big sister has and continues to amaze us. Hailee loves her little sister, and from the movements when she places her hand on my belly and Grace Levi moves for her….Grace Levi loves her big sister …. Our hearts are complete.

This is our Amazing Grace.
This is our amazing family.

Sincerely ,
Shawna Davis

An account has been set up by family and friends for donations from Indviduals & Business' at Bancorp South Bank.... the Grace Levi Fund, these can be made at any Bancorp South Bank Branch.

Please visit and share Grace Levi's story and journey on her page at & to also recieve updates on her progress before and after her journey into this world.
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