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This past summer i succumbed to Pneumonia, and Strep in my Lower R Lung. I had to have emergency surgery, and bill is $118,000. It broke me

This past summer, I suffered through one of the most horrids times of my life.
June 18th, i succumbed to Pneumonia, and Strep in my Lower Right Lung.

I cracked two ribs, coughing so much and collapsed my lung. After making it to the emergency room I was told that I was "Drowning" and that if I didn't get drained and operated on soon, I would not make it.

I spent 35 days in the hospital, and another Two Months on bed rest with Chest Tubes in me. I had to quit my full time job, which had yet to get health insurance, and Basically time has been tough since.

I have never seen this much for a hospital bill, and I'm only 29 years old..

After this report was put out HCA Healthcare decided to be generous and reduce my bill to $118,000.00 WHICH is still out of my range!

I am now working again, but my employer refuses to get us health insurance, I try to buy health insurance but it is ASTRONOMICALLY Impossible for me to afford the premiums.

Please Help.,

I usually am not the person to ask of this., But I really need help.

PS. I know I have set a Goal of 100k, but Anything will help to at least make monthly payments, and to help pay for the follow up X Rays, MRI's, and medications.

Breakdown of Pricing

$300 a month for The doctors visit
$500 a month for X-Rays and MRI's
$775 a month for Medications

That is every month for the next 2 years. Along with paying the main bill of $118,000.00

Yes I am very Very young, 29 years old! I am the oldest brother to 4 younger siblings. Every Prayer, Penny, Second counts! I am trying to keep this positive energy going. My body is a definite fighter. Thank you for your time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support, I couldn't thank you enough!
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