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Gabbie is a 3 year old with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Type 1. She is a super happy and loving little girl

This fundraiser is set up to help Gabbie and her family be able to reach a lot of needs for Gabbie. As in; medical funds, supplement funds for her diet, Funds to see Dr. Bach, and also van insurance and help with modifications of the van. Right now the family is paying out of pocket; so anything will help! :) A little about GABBIE.....
Hello my name is Gabriella Rose i am 3yrs and 4 months old. i was born on on April 21st 2009. When i was 4 months old my parents noticed i was weak and couldn't hold my head up.We went to many Dr's and a neurologist who then did tests on my muscles and genetic blood work that came back that i had SMA. the Dr's told my parents that there was no treatment and no cure for me and told them to take me home and enjoy the time they have with me that i wasn't going to live to see my 1st birthday. At 5 months i was hospitalized and fighting for my life with both lungs collapsed and unable to eat anymore.i stayed in the hospital for 8 months with machines and tubes all over and in and out of hospitals due to many respiratory failures and life threatening illnesses that were caused by common colds that lead to pneumonia's and lung infections and g tube surgery. we celebrated my 1st birthday and my friends and family we so happy to see that day.since my diagnosis i have had 21 long hospitalizations and 3 intubations. i have many life sustaining machines to keep me alive i am on a ventilator to keep my lungs open and help me breath,i have a cough machine to help me cough to clear my lungs,i am suctioned every 5 min to clear my secretions out of my mouth and nose,i am on 24 hr pulse ox to monitor my oxygen and heart rate,and i am on a g tube that gives me a special diet into my tummy as i am unable to eat or swallow i am on a liquid diet,i have a vest that shakes me to help loosen junk out of my lungs. my parents and therapy work with me everyday to help me keep my muscles growing and keep me moving as i am unable to do so on my own. i am completely paralyzed and have minimal movement in my hands and face,i am now 3yrs and 4 months old i am a very smart happy girl that loves to play sing and go out on outings when possible . i have a little brother named Gavin who is 1yr and 4 months that is healthy and doesn't have sma. SMA has taken over my body but not my mind as i am very smart and enjoy all the things any healthy child can do just in my own way with help and i will continue to keep fighting and hoping for a treatment/cure...We need a CURE for SMA.
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