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The family and friends of Hunter Hammond are uniting to raise money for Hunter's treatment and surgery for severe chronic pancreatitis.

Hunter Hammond is my 13 year old nephew and he has suffered with severe chronic pancreatitis his entire life. He is in constant pain that becomes unbearable when he has a pancreatitis attack. He recently went to Minnesota for pre- transplant testing for a procedure called Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet Transplant that left my niece, a single mom of two, with a large bill that was not covered by insurance. Our main goal right now is to cover that bill and get hunter on the way to that transplant that will take away his pain. please donate any amount that you can and Hunter and his entire family will forever be grateful!

URGENT UPDATE!!!! The stakes are much higher now! WE NEED $250,000 BEFORE JANUARY!!!!

Well four immunizations down and the last two will be done on December 17. Then we find our official date for the transplant soon. Marie at University of

 Minnesota said the schedule for January and February won't be ready for about a month or so. I will keep you all updated. 
We really hope you can help us spread the word. We need to raise 250,000.00 before January!

A message from Hunter Himself...

The latest news brings us one step closer to Hunter being pain free! His mom has been asked to take Hunter for Pre-transplant immunizations. ASAP! This means that once they are all done, the doctors in Minnesota will be ready to move forward with the transplant. While we appreciate every dolor donated we are horribly short of our goal with only little more than 2 weeks to go! I ask that everyone who reads this donate what you can and if you can't donate then please share this fundraiser with everyone you know! Thank you so much!!!


From Hunter's mom Jenn.....

Our last donation has nearly put us up over $1100. Please I encourage all of you to help spread the word if you can not donate. The cost for this procedure can be as high as 700,000.00 after Insurance and this is not including medications he will need. The cost for the medications range from 1,500.00 to 3,5000 and that is only if you have a 20% co-pay. Which is what I have. We really need all the help we can get please. I do have some time to raise that money however, I am needing almost 11,000.00 ASAP for the medical bills just from the testing. As for a update with Hunter Hammond they are going to be doing a procedure on him September 10th at the U of U to see if Hunter is qualified to inject pain medications directly into the pancreas to help lessen his pain until he is ready for the transplant.

This was posted on FaceBook by Hunter's Aunt Chrissy...

I haven't posted this before now because it's hard to find the words to explain just how important this is to me, my family, and this supremely amazing kid. 

This little boy is my whole heart. He is an outgoing, smart, hilarious, sarcastic, beautiful soul. His life has saved mine more than once, just because he exists. I'd like to help save his right back. 

Little Man suffers from pancreatitis. 

From the time he was 18 months old he would be in debilitating pain every time a pancreatic attack hit. He'd have to be taken to Primary Children's Hospital and put on a morphine pump just to tolerate breathing. That was horrifying for him and all of us who love him, but now he is in that kind of pain nearly every minute of every day. To watch this kid day by day deteriorate is heart breaking to say the least. Because of the pain, he can't go outside much to play with friends, run, or even walk longer than 10 minutes without doubling over. 

One of the people on this planet that deserves the best life possible doesn't get to have much of one anymore. And it only gets worse from here. 
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