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Melissa needs a MRI so she can get her life back and use her gift helping animals and children.

We can't thank everyone enough for their help. We are much closer to getting the MRI and the settlement . We can't settle though until we know if surgery is needed or not. We are hoping not. As it stands now the settlement she was offered would just be enough money to pay for all the past medical bills.. Nothing left for her in case she needs surgery or PT. On top of that she should have gotten compensation but they denied that as well. She was getting workman comp checks then they just cut her off. It has been a year since she got a check. When she told her manager at her work, over and over again, that she was injured, they said tough it up, you leave you lose your job. If she would just have seen the Dr. the first time it happened then we may not be at this point. They do not want to award a settlement till they have proof of the injuries she sustained at work. That means getting the MRI, which they refuse to pay for.

Melissa was able to use the other fund raiser money for medical bills. She was not able to use it for the MRI because she did not raise enough. Then her boss lost her job and was not able to pay her for weeks. Melissa stayed with the family because the kids needed her. And she needed them. They went through a bad car accident and another move and her being in their life was important. The kids give Melissa a reason to wake up in the morning. Its her purpose to help people. That's just the way Melissa is. She will go above and beyond to help people out. Now three months later the mom still owes Melissa and has not paid her anything. So she has had to start another Nanny job with two special needs children to pay the medical bills to keep her going and the pain levels down. It's only part time but it helps with some of the medical expenses. She has been told that she deserves a metal for going through everything that she has. Her response, "I do what I have to do. I'm a fighter and stubborn. I will push myself to the limits to help other people out. Other people are in worse situations. I have to keep reminding myself of that. That's why it is so hard for me to ask for help."

This job is taking a toll on her body because she is not supposed to be lifting anything. Due to her medical bills she has had no choice but to work part time as a nanny.

Melissa's family and friends have tried to help as much as they could and there is nothing else they can do. She is so close to finally settling this and being done. In order to do that though she has to know what is going on with her shoulder and how much damage there is. Even when she does settle, the amount will just be enough to pay off past medical bills, not ongoing or future medical bills. She will deal with that when the time comes. Right now she just needs help getting the MRI so she can work on getting her life back to normal.

Whatever anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

Midwest Center for Advanced Imaging is the facility Melissa will be going to for her MRI.
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