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Sara donated her liver to save our son's life. We are raising money to help support Sara while she recovers.

Lukas and Devin were born March 27, 2012, and were both happy and healthy babies, even at five weeks premature. Lukas spent a few days in the NICU and Devin needed some treatment for mild jaundice, but they we overall very healthy. In late July, at about four months old, Devin was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. Within a few days he was being prepped for a liver transplant while we waited for a donor to become available. Several family members and friends came forward to volunteer as living donors, offering a piece of their liver to save Devin's life. Luckily, one of these people was quickly identified as a match.

Sara, Devin's aunt, was a match - blood type, size, overall health - and the transplant became a reality. On August 7, 2012, Devin and Sara underwent a living donor liver transplant procedure at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, with Devin receiving part of the left lobe of Sara's 30-some-year-old liver. Her liver will grow to replace the missing portion, and Devin's will grow with him as he grows up. Sara, in keeping with what our family knows well to be an incredibly generous spirit, gave a piece of herself to save the life of our little boy.

Sara has been a huge part of our lives, particularly in regards to our children. She helped with our daughter, Samantha, while I was deployed overseas, and has continued to help my wife with the children since I returned to work following the birth of the twins. Sara is a freelance artist, so she has been able to offer us the time without sacrificing her entire livelihood.

Now, she has sacrificed herself and her livelihood to help Devin. We are now trying to help her get through her recovery and subsequent health care.

As a freelance artist, Sara does not have health insurance. Our insurance is picking up the tab for the direct costs associated with the transplant, but after all of this settles down she will be responsible for her follow up care. Being a living donor also gives you the label of having a "pre-existing condition" in the eyes of insurance companies. If the current health care reforms remain place following November's election, then this will not have a dramatic impact on her ability to get reasonable insurance. If, however, those reforms are reversed, Sara may never be able to obtain adequate insurance based solely on her decision to help save the life of an infant.

Our hope is to be able to raise enough money to help Sara replace the wages she will miss during her upcoming weeks and months of recovery, while also providing a cushion to help pay for her medical care during the next several years as she receives follow up care on her liver.

Sara is a rare individual who made a rare and remarkably selfless gift of herself. Even the greatest doctors in the world (which Yale has) could not have saved Devin's life without a suitable liver with which to replace his own. Sara made that possible. If you are able to help Sara now, please do so. If you are not, please pass the word along to others who may be.

With eternal love and gratitude,

Jordan, Kate, Samantha, Lukas and Devin
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