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the family of Carmen Martinez are raiseing money to help with her battle against breast cancer.please help with support..thnk u and god bles

Hello everyone my name is Marlene and this is the story of my mommy. My mom was 31 and had learned in 2007 she was pregnant with twins and was very excited. She tried everything to be very careful and was put on high risk to protect her pregnancy she had regular weekly check-ups. About her 8th month she discovered a lump on her right breast and told her doctor, and she said it Was nothing to worry about, that her body is changing and shouldn't worry...well that's exactly what she did and on November 23,2007 my mom gave birth through c-section to healthy twin girls, we were so excited and they were beautiful...After all the excitement months passed by my mom realized the lump was still there. So of course she went to her regular doctor and send her for an ultrasound then mri and finally the last of the exam a biopsy with terrible news...On March 29, 2008 my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive carcinoma of the right a weeks time she immediately had a right mastectomy and had 18 lyhmpnodes removed from her armpit...She was sad and confused and didn't know what kind of emotions were going to affect her being a new mom....she immediately had chemotherapy and hormone therapy being that her cancer was hormone based....then after chemo my mom went into remission on 12/2008 looking for a brighter day and hopeing this was the end of it she got her hair back and she was very excited and most of all to attend to my sisters without her feeling sick...everything seemed back to normal, her oncologist had told her she should be ok till her 5yrs marking of remission. But in 6/2010 my mom started to feel some short of breath and pressur in her chest and had some tests done and to our nightmare once again her cancer was back but more aggressive. One of the tumors was putting pressure on her lung and one was on her once again she had to undergo more chemo that was going to be more aggressive on her tumors, to avoid them from invadeing her organs. My mom. My mom was devistated but more prepared and was ready to fight, and the girls kept her going and that was what made her strong. She went 6 more months of chemo and she did well, a bit more tired but she is very strong and would not slow down.....know once again for the second time she went into remission in 12/2010. But, this time quite not sure in her mind what was going to happen but, she was more sure that it would come back than it wouldn't she worried all the time and was more paranoid getting regular check-ups to make sure she was okay...she went about her normal self and tried to catch up with the girls, my mom is those moms that will get in the dirt and find insects with them and she will make up her own songs to sing and dance around the house with the girls..I tell her she looks crazy but the girls love it and my mom says that gives them a special bond, and she's right cause they are all over her all the time, they don't let her think about feeling down, and she feels that she didn't get to enjoy more of them as infants know, they are 4 1/2 and growing really fast and most of the time they have seen mom bald so they don't ask much about it....unfortunately the nightmare wasn't over my mom had a recurrence in January 2012, her cancer has know moved to her left breast, she has one tumor under her breast and another under her armpit, which know we've learned that her cancer has learned to grow without hormones....she is currently on treatment and is on a clinical study (mm121) and is fighting again. Know she is waiting for more surgery a left mastectomy and a hysterectomy to avoid any hormones? At least that's what I understand. But this time she gets weekly treatment and she is looking exhausted and know she doesn't have the same courage she had before she doesn't want to go nowhere and some times hardly get out of bed..she puts a smile when we get company and tries really hard to keep up but, you see it in her eyes she is tired...she breaks down more often then ever and secludes her self more and she recently had a genetic test done and she is brca2positive and worries for us. She is already on medication for high blood pressure, antidepressants, bone pain, sleeping aid and for anxiety. She is only 35yrs old and she says she feels like she is 80 yrs old. To all of this i want to put a smile on her face to try to help her more and well know, my mom has been fighting cancer for about five years and currently not working. She is on a fixed income receiveing SSDI, but barely makes ends meet doesn't have enough for my four year old twins siblings other needs all her money goes to rent and food can't barely make bill dad helps but we could barely make ends meet. She is really in need of a good car that won't get stranded and could get her around for treatment and other doctors appt. And sometimes she will even take the bus, i hate it because we live in bakersfield it is hot about 110 at times...Her dream is to buy us a home some day so we wont struggle from home to home and my mom will walk and get the bus even after chemo but we liven in Bakersfield, Ca. And its about 105 Dgs at times which my mom says it feels like 120 to her she is my inspiration and I don't want to see her struggling. ThIs is not for no dream wedding or fancy vacation like stories I've read of people who have been deceiving to love ones willing to help and to learn that they lied about such an ugly disease and to see my mom struggling day by day and it's not lovely, this is just to to get by in the reality of life and give her a smile the rest of her dreams (a home) can be put on hold till she gets well and could get on her feet all over again and be able to work and start over please help just need a jump start and lots of prayers.....thanks for taking the time to read my story and god bless you ;)
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