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The family & friends of Jessie Uy are uniting to raise money to help her fight Brain Cancer-GBM 4. Thank you for your kindness!


Mom is on her 5th week of radiation...close to the end of the 1st treatment cycle. The effect of the radiation is starting to catch up on her BUT she remains strong & unshakeable in her faith. She also shaved her head and views it as an opportunity to style up everyday...

Thank you everyone for the continued support & prayers... [Updated: Aug 18]

Mom continues to wear a positive attitude everyday. She started her radiation & chemo on July 12. However, she had to temporarily stop her chemo for a few days due to above normal liver enzyme levels... She is scheduled to resume chemo on Monday, July 25.

I received the news last Wednesday (June 29, 2011) that my mom (56 yrs old) has Glioblastoma - Grade 4. This is one of the most aggressive form of brain cancer. To-date no cure has been established for this. And the very few who have survived for several years have undergone surgery, which helps take out majority of the Tumor - then supplemented with radiation and/or chemo. However, given the size and location of the mass in her left brain, the doctors deemed it's not for her best interest to undergo surgery as this will leave her paralyzed.

The next best course of action to treat her is to undergo radiation coupled with chemo for 5 days/week for 6 weeks. Given that it is malignant and the aggressiveness of the cancer cells, she needs to undergo this treatment as soon as possible. We have scheduled her 1st session next Tuesday with some of the savings my brother and I have. However, financially everything will be out of pocket for us. Her health insurance that she just started with would not cover any of these and the medical bills are starting to build up from medication, to doctor consultations & fees, to a series of MRIs, biopsy, chemo/radiation. For those of you who have been in this situation - you know the financial burden this entails. It has been very overwhelming for us. But we are not losing hope and we will do everything to give her all that we can. My brother & I have reached out to medical experts, cancer societies, research groups, & other charitable institutions for days across the world.

Her initial prognosis was 8 months, but she remains positive, exudes love for the gift of life, and have impressed the doctors with her will-power to survive for her loved ones. Before she left for the day to find out the biopsy results, I remember her saying "Please, please, please pray for me... I believe ...I believe...I believe." When the news came in the day they met with the doctors & they revealed that what she had was actually the worst possible result, my brother & his wife along with my mom's sister (who learned the news first-hand with her) all broke down in tears and couldn't believe what they just heard. She however, remained still, closed her eyes and prayed.

I live in Chicago, while my family are in the Philippines, where I grew up. 7+ years ago, I lost my dad unexpectedly through a very unfortunate medical mishap. This left my mom completely devastated - as her world evolved around him. She didn't know how to carry on, or how to see each day otherwise. But through the love and support of people around us and through prayers and strong faith, she was able to carry on. 2 years later (in late 2005), I moved back to the U.S. to start my life here. She flew with me for 6 months to help me get settled in. She went back to the Philippines shortly thereafter. She then surprised me one day when I found out she took time to learn how to use the computer, internet, and online chat programs. Since then, never has a day gone by without us communicating - even if it was just a few min everyday to tell how much we love each other.

3 weeks ago, while we were chatting online, she complained about feeling weak and could not feel her right arm. I quickly called my brother, who was in the Philippines to bring her to the hospital. Initially, doctors said it was a mild stroke that she suffered from. But through a series of MRIs and Biopsy, it was confirmed that what she had was GBM4.

Since then, I rarely get to see her online. I miss being able to talk to her everyday... and being able to chat about anything under the sun. Given the time difference, where they are ahead of us by 13 hours - it made things really difficult. By the time my brother comes home to update me with my mom's condition and the doctor appointments they had, he is already so exhausted. He is drained emotionally, mentally, and physically. His health is starting to take its toll on him & has lost time for his own family and his job. Given the distance, It has been very difficult for me to be not there. I have requested my job if i could be allowed to be with her - to care for her and help my brother as well...I am praying they would.

My brother is an amazing person, son, brother, husband, father, and friend. Even in the little things he had, he never failed to help others out. He supported the education of the less fortunate kids back home, and gives to charity whenever he gets the chance to. I remember growing up with him, where he would buy grocery foods in bulk (during Holidays or even just on regular days) and hand them out to the less fortunate brothers and sisters in the streets. When someone starving knocks at car windows, while others choose to ignore, he wholeheartedly gives them food that he stocks up in his car. I saw love, compassion and kindness for others from my brother and have learned to pay forward as well every chance I get. The personal reward is far more satisfying knowing that there's always someone to help.

My mom raised us well and it is not by obligation that we want to be there for her, but because of the outpouring of our unconditional love for her. We believe in miracles, and we never question "Why Her?," or "Why now?" We are doing all we can for her, as we know she will do the same for us if the situation was reversed. In the end...only kindness matters.

God Bless ~

Ang family
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