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Midnight's Cataract Surgery Fund. The funds raised will be used for Midnight's veterinary costs and related expenses.

Midnight's story...

Midnight was dropped off at an animal control shelter in Indiana. Since he was not adopted/claimed within the given time period established by the shelter, he was to be euthanized. Being a beautiful, young and healthy 18 month male black lab - we removed him from the shelter with hopes to adopt him to a loving family.

Midnight was checked by several area vets. All of his vaccinations were updated and he was neutered. During these exams, it was noted that he has vision problems related to cataracts. His vision is mostly of light and shade - like 'looking through wax paper.' Cataract surgery is a viable option, because he is young and healthy. The success rate is very high and should provide immediate results. We believe that this will allow him to have the best and most full life that he can have.

What is a Cataract?

Like a camera, eyes have a clear lens inside them that is used for focusing. A cataract is any opacity within a lens. The opacity can be very small (incipient cataract) and not interfere with vision. It can involve more of the lens (immature cataract) and cause blurred vision. Eventually, the entire lens can become cloudy, and all functional vision lost. This is called a mature cataract.

How are Cataracts treated?

Once a lens has developed a cataract, there is no known method to make the lens clear again. Immature, mature, and hypermature cataracts can be treated by surgically removing them. It is important to understand that no cataract can be reversed; once the lens is cloudy, it stays that way unless cataract surgery is performed to remove it.

We are working with several organizations and vets to have the surgery done. Even with their support, the surgery costs are high and we are looking for donations to help cover the costs involved.

Why is Cataract surgery so expensive?

Cataract surgery is expensive because it requires specialized equipment and training. The instruments and equipment used for cataract surgery in dogs are the same type used for cataract surgery in people. Furthermore, you are paying for the highly advanced training and expertise of a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

When people undergo cataract surgery, they usually pay very little for it because insurance picks up most of the tab. This is not the case in veterinary medicine. The pet owner pays 100% of the cost of cataract surgery and other health care for their pet. Even pet health insurance policies often exclude cataract surgery, because the cataracts are often genetic and most insurance companies will not cover any genetic or pre-existing condition.

In addition to the surgery, we need either a foster or 'forever' home for Midnight.

Midnight is an 18 month old male, neutered Black Labrador Retriever. He is is good health, house trained and current on all vaccinations. He currently weighs 76 lbs. He is friendly with all dogs - from a teeny Chihuahua to large 80 lb dogs and all in between sizes. He loves the dog park - both chasing or being chased by other dogs. He is curious about cats but can be startled by them if they jump from outside of his line of sight. If within reach, he finds cat food quite tasty. Midnight has a super sweet personality. He also loves car rides, daily walks and people of all sizes and ages.

Midnight is learning his basic obedience well. He definitely has learned to rely on his ears and nose to get around. Due to his vision problems, we 'talk' through 'stepping up/down' at curbs and stairs. We are currently using a whistle and other cues to recall him with "come" commands. He is excellent on the leash - no pulling. Training help will be offered as needed.

If you have any questions, or suggestions - please call

Mary Ellen Thielemann (CATS - Cats Are Truly Special) at 630-542-7721
Tony Clementi (Loyal Dog Training)
at 630-405- 3109 or e-mail at

***UPDATED: JANUARY 5th, 2012
If you want to send a donation by mail, please write checks made out to "Animal Adoption Associates" and include Midnight (Lischewski) Eye Surgery Fund in the memo and send to:

Animal Adoption Associates
Re: Midnight Fund
6905 S. Hobart
Chicago, IL 60631

All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!!

Thank you all so much!!

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