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2014 saw me unable to eat. 2015 saw me unable to walk and use my hands. 2016 saw me stand up and move. 2017 gets to see me drive my car!

I welcome you and offer a friendly fair warning: You have entered my Appreciation Zone ... unbridled gratitude and joy may be present at any time!

I am a woman who has moved through and beyond a rather heavy list of medical diagnoses and prognoses the last several years. Thankfully, I remain cancer-free and have finally begun to rediscover the depth and expanse of my wellbeing.

After a few years of trying the treatments that my medical insurance would cover to combat wasting syndrome after cancer, I chose to reclaim my health via naturopathic medicine, consciousness and alignment with ideas, people and community organizations willing to support my holistic view of healing.

As a result of a couple years' dedication, huge success has been achieved! I graduated from my walker in May and, in July, I regained the consistent use and control of my arms and began typing again. This fall, I was thrilled to donate time and energy in volunteer service for the first time in 5 years. Stamina continues to build and my dream of returning to work appears within sight. 

It is with renewed assurance and delight that I begin here again with this previously virtually private fundraiser. My intent is two-fold: 1) raise some money to get my car back on the road, replace my dentures and pay my medical bills; and 2) express my rampant appreciation for Life and the diverse tribe of humans who have shown up in support of mine with their smiles, open hearts, divine skills, resources and wallets! 

I hope that sharing some of my experiences here and on my Community Page will be uplifting, healing and helpful. My intent is that it be fun as well. Sacred clowns and merry pranksters are quite welcome here. 


I understand that not everyone reading this has money to give. Posts with encouragement are welcomed and considered valued contributions as well, so please join in! Your sharing of this site will also be appreciated to no end! Donations of any amount are extremely helpful and even a few dollars can help by tipping the balance in a big way. It was a jar of change made by strangers that paid for my first NMD appointment. That was not the only time the contents of a change jar brought forth a beautiful outcome.

AND, please


HAPPINESS is our CHOICE ... ALWAYS ... EVERY SECOND ... NO MATTER WHAT! and it moves mountains!





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