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Nick is by far one of the funniest people I know..always joking or making something into a joke..

As Christmas nears, the headache and stress of the Holidays sets in, unfortunately this headache was not brought on from the Holiday season. On Monday, Decemeber 16, after a long weekend of fighting a migraine; the pain became unbearable to continue with day to day activities, Nick opted to go to the doctor to determine the causing factor of the migraine. Upon getting to the doctor, Nick underwent a CT scan, and as Nick was checking out, the doctors were reviewing the scan and advised Nick that he could not go home instead he needed to get to the hospital ASAP. Once Nick arrived at the hospital Nick was advised he had suffered two strokes in which an MRI would be performed to determine the cause of the strokes. After the MRI, Nick was diagnosed with an PFO which in medical terms means Patent Foramen Ovale; a small hole located in the heart that is used during pregnancy to allow the growing fetus's circulation to speed up the travel of blood through the heart. Commonly, a new born's foramen ovale closes at birth when increased blood pressure on the left side of the heart forces the opening to close; but there is a mere 25% of the general population that never quite close. In Nick's case, the foramen ovale never closed after birth, allowing it to act as a flap, which ultimately allowed a blood clot to travel from Nick's heart to his brain, which were the leading factor that caused the two strokes in which Nick suffered. Upon finding the PFO, the cardiologist also found a small spot on his aortic valve, due to the swelling of the brain, Nick is forced to await determining any further information until swelling resides and allows doctors to perform surgery to diagnose the problem further. At the young age of 29, Nick is just starting out his life as a dad to a precious 1 year old, Hudson, and surrounded by family, his wife Jennifer hasn't left his side throughout the process. With the Holidays nearing, it is with this that I ask everyone to take a moment, and reflect on what the Holidays mean to you. Family, love and peace ultimately comes to mind, and as I wish the circumstances were not as they are, any little bit of support offered will help and we forever will be grateful for the gratitude, prayers, support and love you all have shown to our family, and Nick. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly to Nick and his family in this time of need, in advance we thank you for your generosity!

Remember Every little bit helps. God bless and merry Christmas!
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