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Gregg has always had a knack for making people it is our turn to make him smile, give him strength and MAKE HIS COMEBACK!

A life-long athlete and basketball player, Gregg suffered a stroke and massive heart attack in November 2010. His doctors performed life saving surgery on him, removing 80% of his right brain. Thanks to all the prayers he received from all who know and love him, he is a living miracle!

Four years later, he is still facing challenges. He is paralyzed on his left side and is wheelchair bound. He remains optimistic and committed to his ongoing therapy. He has been making progress in rehab and can walk with some assistance. He and his doctors believe, with the proper equipment, he will be able to walk again unassisted.

It hasn’t been easy, but his family has united to care for him in their home in Oceanside. The house is not handicapped accessible and Gregg is completely dependent on his family for his most of his needs. His greatest desire is independence... needless to say, this has been very difficult for everyone!

To make matters worse, the Koehler family lost their beloved brother Jeff in May of this year, when he passed suddenly (and too young) from a heart attack. In true Jeff fashion, he was making a big contribution, assisting in his brother’s care and wellbeing. He is missed tremendously on so many levels! This additional hardship has crushed the family.

Although Gregg has limitations, he does have the skills and ability to to find a job in sales so he can lessen the financial burden on his family. Being handicapped, his ongoing expenses are very high. He has social security income but it does not come close to covering his ongoing expenses including: doctors, rehab, medications and transportation. He has a 12 year old daughter Kaitlyn who lives in Florida, and misses her greatly having lost custody of her after his stroke.

The home needs many modifications to make it handicap friendly so that Gregg can have some independence and can begin caring for himself more. In order to lessen the burden on his family, he would like to have assistance from an aide more often. Currently this expense comes directly out-of-pocket and adds up quickly, so it is infrequent. He dreams of purchasing a vehicle that is handicapped accessible, so that he has the freedom to work and continue his therapy without all the constraints of a van service.

Although he is a living miracle, Gregg still needs our prayers and well wishes, YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF HIS LIFE AND THAT OF HIS FAMILY, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL!

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