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The England family is reaching out to raise funds to recover from NICU stay due to son's Autism, money is desperately needed to keep going.

As most of you know, we had a beautiful baby girl back in July. She unfortunately had various medical issues, and spent over a month in the NICU. Since she was a newborn and Mommy wanted to be with her to bond as much as possible, and be there to personally take care of her, someone was needed at home to care full time for our middle child, Max age 3. Max has Autism. Because of his disability, he will only allow Mommy or Daddy to provide his daily care needs. (Things like feeding him, bathing him, changing his diapers, etc.) So, as a result, Daddy had to take time off of work to be at home to look after Max, be there for when oldest son, Avery (also has ADHD) gets home from school, and also help with household duties while Mommy recovered from surgery and birth and ran back and forth from home and NICU. Daddy had FMLA protection to keep his job, but unfortunately only had 2 weeks vacation that he could draw from to pay for his time off to be with his family during this time of crisis.
So, as a result, he lost weeks and weeks of pay. Being the sole wage earner (due to Mommy having to stay home to care for Max), it hit our family hard. We were already struggling to make ends meet, and had only just moved from our old house last Febuary, becuase we were attempting to sell it before losing it to foreclosure.(We have been struggling to keep our heads above water, financially, due to Max's Autism disability. He has tantrums and developmental delays and potty training issues,and fear of people, etc. the list goes on and on.. so, Mommy hasn't been able to work for the last 3 years. Because of this, we decided it best to put our beloved home up for sale vs. giving in to foreclosure, but in the end it didn't sell, and is actually due to be sold at sheriffs sale next month). We have only made it to today thru donations and acts of kindness from our friends and family. We hoped that this as well as Daddy returning to work would be enough to get us back on track.
But now, we are facing eviction if we don't figure something out, and fast. We have been giving every dollar (with exception to the utilities and money for diapers and formula,etc.) to our landlord to catch up on July, August and September rent. (We fell behind in July, when she went into the hospitial and couldn't pay him the entire month's rent because we needed things like gas to get back and forth to the hospital and food for when we were away from home, and medical supplies for Mommy, etc. and these little things quickly added up!) We thought we were finally catching up, having given check after check to the landlord already since July. But apparently, he is charging us a daily fee for rent delinquincy...which means, unless we can pay the entire amount off that we owe at one time, the balance we owe him will just keep going up instead of going down. (It is SO frustrating to take him money every payday, and then leave the office knowing that it didn't even make a dent, but we "suffer" for it being given to him instead of us for things like clothing and living expenses.).
We are up to almost 4k, despite paying landlord over 3k since July..and we only started falling behind on rent in July, so without his fees, we would've been only a few hundred away from being completely caught up by now!
We are desperately in need of funds to catch up on rent, bills (medical for Mommy's birth stay in hospital and baby's NICU stay) and living expenses for our family of five. We are currently seeking out government programs that may be able to help supplement our income, since Mommy can't work due to Max's Autism, but those programs are only just now being applied for and may not be approved at all, and we are literally at the threshold of poverty and losing everything we have and living out of a motel. We are hardworking people, but the only things we have to show for it are the callouses on our hands and the three beautiful children we have created. When we thought about starting a family years ago, we certianly didn't see ourselves here. But alas, life and its minor tragedies happen, so here we are. We would most graciously accept any donation that can be given with the upmost sincerity. Please help us give our children the stability they deserve, so that we can have a roof (the one that they have just settled into 8months ago) for the upcoming holidays.
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