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Hi I'm Sky I need your help. I've been living with the pain of hip dysplasia for years. I'm trying to get a PAO surgery.

My name is Sky; I'm 23 years old from Idaho. In 2010 I worked with an Orthopedic doctor trying to fix my hip problems. We unfortunately didn't get to do everything we needed to due to insurance restrictions. Before that I was told I had hip dysplasia in 2006. Early this year I was diagnosed with a tear in my labrum (it sits between the femoral head and the hip socket) and that requires surgery. Recently, I have seen a sports medicine doctor, an Orthopedic surgeon (who mainly works with children), and an Orthopedic doctor. It has now as of December 1, 2014 been determined that I need to consult with a surgeon in Salt Lake to see if we can do surgery there; that will address the tear and the hip dysplasia. We went ot Salt Lake City and that was a bust. We are back to looking at other places more expensive places like San Francisco and St.Louis. 

The funds will be going to getting to either San Francisco or St. Louis paying for a room and food to do an initial visit and then hopefully a second visit for surgery which could result in a 2 to 5 day recovery. It also will go to anything my insurance won't cover including medications and spending time in the hospital.

On top of my hip problems I have been diagnosed with an electrical heart condition that they are trying to narrow down with testing. I have chronic asthma, knee pain, allergies, and quite a few other conditions.


What is a PAO?
The hip is a ball (the head of femur, or thigh bone) and socket (acetabulum, which is formed by the pelvis). A PAO is an operation to correct deformity of the hip, in which the acetabulum does not cover the head of femur properly. In this situation, the force across the hip joint produced by body weight during standing, walking and running is not evenly distributed and becomes concentrated abnormally. This wears away the cartilage that lines the hip joint, resulting in osteo-arthritis. Osteo-arthritis refers to degeneration of a joint such that a patient experiences pain, then stiffness then ultimately inability ot use the joint at all.

The most common cause of deformity of the hip is hip dysplasia. There are other causes, such as Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. In a PAO, bone (osteo-) is cut (-tomy) around (peri-) the socket (-acetabular) in order to put it in a better position to cover the head of the femur. The most common type of PAO is the type developed in Berne, Switzerland (hence the name Bernese PAO) The PAO is a joint-preserving operation, by contrast with a hip arthroplasty, which replaces the hip with a metal and plastic joint. The PAO is much better for a teenager or young adult (< 50 years of age) than a hip replacement.

My friend set up a GoFundMe because she didn't know I had a GiveForward if you would like go donate there;

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