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Newborn Jeremy Jr. and Family need your Help. Born with multiple Heart Defects. He will have to undergo Open Heart Surgery at just 3 months old. His Family prays to be able to follow him the 500 miles he must travel. Please Help!

Hi there, I'm Jamie, Great Uncle Jamie in this case.

  My Niece Jacquelyn (Jlynn) & Nephew-in-law Jeremy, started their Family at a young age. I was there at the hospital with them for the birth of their Family on 1/09/07 (Drove them there actually), her name is "Caley Denise" (Pretty isn't it). I was very Happy for them and proud to be a Great Uncle! Everything went great during the delivery and Caley checked out just fine. My concern for both Jlynn & Jeremy was that they started their Family so young. I started a Family at a very young age myself and knew alot of the struggles they would be facing, finishing school... providing for Caley and themselves... having very young unsettled minds & hearts, etc, etc, etc. To top things off, Jylnn and I have a broken & torn Family/extended Family, Jeremy is from a similar Family as well so there will not be alto of needed support for them except say a handful. In the next few months they had a few lil'ups and some "big" downs, even separated for a little while but no matter what they were always loving Parents "together" for Caley. Even made it through a few things better than I fared during my own struggles as a young Parent (Must have been all that harping in their ears my Wife and I did!) and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I was very Proud of them, they were going to be OK.

  Almost 14 months after Caley was born, my Family and I are over for a visit with them and are told they have an addition to their Family on the way. So again, I had the Honor of being there with Jlynn, Jeremy and Caley when "Brayden Elijah" was born on 12/18/08 (Brayden Elijah, what cool name) and drove them to the Hospital that time too. Again, everything went as it should during Brayden's birth, Jlynn was as comfy as a woman in labor could be, Jeremy was a supportive Husband throughout Jlynn's labor & Brayden's delivery and Brayden checked out great! And then, again my worries roused even though Jlynn & Jeremy had made their way through my biggest worries being such young Parent's and I was over joyed but, I knew everything was now going to be twice as hard and twice as expensive. In short, to my relief, they roughed through the downs and for the most part were pretty responsible about the ups. Again, sure, things could have been better but they were OK.

  Just about 5 or 6 months after Brayden is born, I get a call from Jlynn and she has a surprise Jeremy, Caley, Brayden and her just found out about and wants to tell me..... They are going to soon be a Family of 5! Though a BIG surprise to them and unplanned, no Baby is an accident or a "Mistake" for that matter and I felt the same as they did, I was very proud of them. Jlynn & Jeremy soon moved from here in Tennessee to Florida to be with her Mom's side of the Family which are a close, including Jlynn's Mom (My Sister-in-law) Debbie and Jeremy's Dad (Troy) is there as well. Jlynn & Jeremy had taken a big hit as everyone has this past year so Good Family and more of them would be great thing for thing. Soon after arriving there in FL., Jlynn took out some student loans and started school to become a Medical Assistant meanwhile, Jeremy found work where ever he could. Jlynn almost doubled her classes and was breezing along making the deans list while Jeremy along with allot of others across the Country struggled to find steady work. Then, Jlynn's Mom was in driving their car to run down to the store with Caley, Brayden and Jeremy's Dad when they were involved in a horrible accident ( at no fault of their own) that made headline News there in FL.. Everyone was OK with the exception of bumps and bruises but Jlynn & Jeremy's car was totaled. Florida law only helped them to cover the Minor Medical expenses and barley half of what their late Model Car was worth. They could not afford to make payments on another vehicle at that point in time. Jlynn & Jeremy use a car on loan to them by Jlynn's Brother Alex for the time being for school and Doctors appointments. I only wish I could have helped them beyond Moral support.

  On 12/28/09 Jlynn & Jeremy checked into the Hospital for the their Baby's delivery. My Wife, children and I were not going to be able to make it this time unfortunately. Everything went well and Jeremy Thomas Jr. was born (Jlynn said he came into the world with sideburns like his Daddy so Junior was a given). All was great, Jlynn was OK and the Doctor was finishing the checkup on JJ (as I Lovingly nicknamed him) when he noticed Junior had a irregularity in his heart beat. The Doctor waisted no time in investigating Juniors condition. Jlynn and Jeremy had Junior in their Hospital room with them for one night while further tests where preformed. The next morning the Doctor accompanied by some other Specialists broke the news of the test results to Jlynn and Jeremy. Junior has multiple things going on with his little Heart, at that time one that they were sure on was that he had a hole in his heart. Junior would have to be moved to special care for further testing and 24 hour observation until they could find out exactly what all was going on with his Heart. Days past, and all results had returned with a Heart Breaking diagnosis.

  JJ's condition is:
1. Ventricular septal defect: a hole between the ventricles causing oxygenated blood and deoxygented blood to mix causing a lack of oxygen to the body's organ's.
2. Ventricular Hypertrophy: thickening of the tissue in the wall of the right ventricle.
3. A narrow Pulmonary valve.
4. Displacement of the Aorta
He is going to have to have Open Heart surgery, there are only a handful of Hospitals that will do such a surgery on Newborns like JJ. The nearest one is in Orlando, FL. 500 miles away.

  JJ is now a month old and is home with his Mom, Dad, sister & brother, his Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr.Roca at Nemours Children's Clinic there in Pensacola FL. said, she and others would like to wait till JJ is 3 months old before they have to do the surgery so he may gain some strength and weight for the 12+ hour long surgery. Till then any kind of mild sickness like a Cold or the worst a Stomach Virus could be devastating to JJ, chance would have it that he is battling a cold right now as I'm typing. Jlynn & Jeremy's limited State insurance will not cover the non conventional medications to help JJ get through his Cold as normal Cold med's will effect his little Broken Heart negatively, the State Insurance is limiting JJ's Medical service's, how long he gets to stay in recovery after the Surgery.... Just too many limitations for something so serious, everything beyond what State Insurance will cover is of course out of pocket and what extended Family is left just cannot cover it.

  JJ will have to be transported by Ambulance or Helicopter at the time of his scheduled Surgery and Jlynn & Jeremy will have to find their own way to Orlando. The Ronald MacDonald House will let them stay there for a small fee per night but they do not provide Food nor can they have Caley & Brayden there with them. Jlynn's Mom & Jeremy's Dad (Debbie & Troy) cannot stay with them at the Ronald MacDonald House. The cheapest Motel they have been able to find so far is around $90 per night being Orlando FL.(Disney World) its no surprise. They have stopped trying to figure out a way to cover bills at home while in Orlando. Throughout everything Jlynn is still attending school, made the Deans list agian and has hopes to Graduate in October of this year, Jeremy is still working where he can find it and in a months time the Family has Financially run out of support. They all need to be together for in Orlando with as little other to worry about as possible. 

  In any of my concerns or worries I ever had, never could anyone have been prepared for this. 
  Please, Any help would be so greatly appreciated. 

  Thank you for your time
  A Loving Great Uncle

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