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My friend Serenity Kisling, was diagnosed in 2008 with breast cancer, not wanting to take any chances of a re-occurrence she under went a bilateral mastectomy and through grueling rounds of chemo, that made her extremely sick with uncontrollable diarrhea that put her in diapers. She was so close to death she was hospitalized for the invasive treatment. But she was a fighter and thus earned her the nick name “G.I. Jane!
She had & has a life to live; she had someone to live for, her 3 year old son Shade. She could not succumb to this bastard of a disease! In August of 2009 sitting in her oncologist office Serenity got the long awaited news that we had been hoping for, that magic word “REMISSION” what a magical moment! How can we even begin to celebrate, that seems to be such an understatement, can we take a trip around the world, do we laugh until we lose our voices, how do you even begin to embrace something so big? That year for Serenity’s birthday we had a big celebration at “Lip’s” in San Diego; it was such a great night for all of us, to have her with us, healthy, smiling, with a beautiful head of hair, what a memory to forever cherish.
Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. I will never forget her calling & telling me that she doesn’t feel right, that she knew something was wrong. I felt my head spin, I was hoping beyond hope that she was imagining it. She went to her oncologist with her concerns of the pain in her back and other symptoms. He examined her, took a blood test to check her cancer markers & promised her she was fine. Giving her a clean bill of health, he grouped her with everyone else. Because on this place we call “Earth” we are all made the same.
Over the next few months Serenity was feeling worse, digestion problems, EXCRUTIATIING pain in her back, EXTREME fatigue, MAJOR weight loss, HORRIBLE coughing fits, constantly screaming out for help. She would call me day after day crying begging for someone to listen, for someone to help her. She endured extreme pain while caring for Shade and trying not to disrupt his life more than necessary.
Throughout this time this disease was wreaking havoc on her body spreading like wildfire. Finally in September 2011 the doctors listened and put her through a battery of tests, but they still couldn’t put their finger on it and diagnose what was wrong. She went continuously through more and more tests (I called her the human pin cushion) and on 11/2/11 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer of the bone (multiple places in her spine) and skull. At the hands of her oncologist, when told of her re-occurance , he didn’t even feel the need to say he was sorry. She knew time couldn’t be wasted, & started treatment right away! Since then she has been put on a high dose of morphine to manage because of the immense pain she battles day in and day out. This medication keeps her almost comatose for the majority of the time, so quality time with her son is almost impossible. She went through 12 treatments of chemo just to find out that it had spread to her right lung.
During this time I had found out about MD Anderson in Houston and researched all about them and what I had to do to get her there. This great cancer facility that treats you like a person and not a patient, the greatest facility in the country where they conduct over 700 clinical trials. I knew if I could get her there we could get her life prolonged so they could find a cure. That her quality of life would be so much better, that Shade would know that Mom wasn’t in pain and Serenity would know that she would be here for many of Shade’s birthdays. I worked endlessly applying for grants trying to get help with all the expenses that insurance wouldn’t cover.
After 8 weeks of hard work she is finally on her way to getting a consultation at MD Anderson. Unfortunately once the cancer was diagnosed in her lungs she could no longer fly. So her Dad hooked up his 5th wheel trailer. They are driving from Escondido, California to Houston, Texas. It will take several days, a big gas bill, and the expense of food and campsite fees.
Once I knew she was going I posted a plea on face book, asking for donations of $1 to $5. By the end of the second day I had raised $1670 for her journey and was so emotional that all of these people reached out to help, some not even knowing her. It was amazing when I was able to give it to her the night before she left for Texas. I have Serenity on a waiting list at “Faith House” which is an 8 duplex unit for cancer patients that are getting treatment at MD Anderson. I also have applied for grants through cancer foundations that she qualifies for. I was very surprised through this whole process that very little is out there. Not realizing that Susan G. Komen does not provide grants for cancer patients, only phone numbers to other foundations and advice. After my 3rd call, The American Cancer Society finally allowed me to apply for a $300 yearly gas card to go towards her caretaker’s expense of having to drive 60 miles 4x a week to get to her appointments. They also supplied me with pages of phone numbers of other foundations that could possibly help. has a grant that I found that she qualifies for since she has metastatic breast cancer and she will receive $275 for the year. . I have started a page for Serenity on facebook and would love for you to become a follower! I am also including the letter and poem that my 12 year old son wrote for Serenity to send with her packet to MD Anderson that will tell you a bit more about this amazing woman that has left HUGE foot prints on my heart!

Serenity’s Biggest Fan,

Beth Closter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not your regular cancer-stricken patient. By my friends, I am known as G.I. Jane and for good reason; I am a fighter a believer! I have already fought through breast cancer once before, and I will again, because I've got a reason. I have already fought through a lot, and I am not going to let it all go to waste now! I have a five year old son, Shade to take care of! I still have fifty years or so to spend with my family, my friends, my father, my mother and my son. I still have a life to live and it isn’t going to stop at 38 years old. I still have people to stand by, to live with. Sitting on the couch, falling in and out of sleep isn't life; it's just unnatural, so....surreal. My life is my own, to live my own way. I have a natural life to get back to, the one where I admired dolphins (my lovies), and to watch the foamy waves of the Pacific Ocean crash down, and the water swirl around my feet. I have the sunset to watch, spreading its warm hues across the sky. I have a God to believe in, and to endow my faith in. I have crystals to wish upon and believe in. I am different. I am Serenity Kisling.

Welcome To My Life.
There is more to life than meets thy eye,
My soul is not to sell or buy.
I have a life, I have a voice,
I am different.

I have a family to love, a son to hug,
My dreams could be reality.
This holds truth, as a fighter I am,
And fight to withhold my life, I will.

But behold! The harvester of souls,
The bully of lives has arrived!
It lay’s waste to all dreams,
And Cancer is its name.

But I am a fighter, a believer, and
I will not be extinguished this time!
Bow down, Cancer, for I will beat you,
For I am “G.I. Jane.”

Jared Closter
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