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Hi all,
My name is Shondale Myers. On July 6th,2012 I gave birth to my daughter Grace Marie Myers. She was born 15 weeks early at only 25 weeks gestation. I had a rough pregnancy from almost the start. I had a lot of bleeding and was put on bed rest at 2 months. June 26th I started leaking some fluids. I thought that it was just from the baby sitting on my bladder,so I didn't worry much about it.July 4th I started having what I thought were just cramps. On July 5th I went to see my doctor to try and find out the sex of the baby,that's when we found out that there was very little amniotic fluid,so little the baby couldn't even open her legs,so we weren't able to find out. I was also told that I had some kind of infection and that the cramps I was feeling was nothing to be worried about. My doctor set up an appointment for me to see a High Risk doctor,what would have been July 10th,and sent me home. Apparently, the fluid I had been leaking for about 2 weeks before that had been the amniotic fluid,however my doctor did not seem to be very worried, so I tried not to be as well. July 5th,at around 6pm my cramps had gotten worse so I called my doctor, he told me to just take some ibuprofen and see if that helped. After 2 hours, the "cramps" had gotten even worse, so I didn't hesitate any longer,I just went into the emergency room. After only 2 hours of being in the labor and delivery there I found out that I had started dilating and was a "loss 1". My doctor came in to see me, all he said was "we are flying you to Las Vegas." Once I arrived in Vegas, things started moving even faster. Around midnight what was left of my water finally broke and my contractions became full swing. The doctors did an ultra sound to see exactly how much fluid was left and how the baby was doing. They quickly learned that there was almost no fluid and that they baby was descending quickly into my hip area. Afterwards, the doctor checked to see how dilated I was and found that I was at 3 cm. They quickly decided I was going to deliver,by cesarean as soon as possible because it was no longer safe for the baby to be inside me. By 10:20am on July 6th my daughter,Grace Marie Myers was born at 1lb 9oz and 11in. long. She was instantly rushed to the Neonatal ICU (NICU) at Sunrise Children's Hospital where I was taken.
We quickly learned that Grace was under developed in almost every aspect,as was expected for her being so early.Her heart rate was low and she was unable to breathe. Her eyes were still fused shut,and her lungs were underdeveloped.They quickly got her hooked up to oxygen and began taking a full report on her.
She was given a lung treatment to help her lungs develop and was put on a medicine to help level her blood pressure out,as well as a few other medicines to help her with any pain and to help her develop.

Grace is now 5 days old.She is showing great improvement everyday,but still is having a lot of difficulties.Her blood pressure has finally been leveled out and her oxygen intake is getting better daily.She is still unable to breathe fully on her own,but every now and then does take a breath.Her eyes are still fused shut,but will eventually open.There is a very good chance she will never be able to see and she could have breathing problems her whole life.
Everyday is a struggle for my precious daughter.We never know what the day will bring for her. Because she is so small,and was born so early,they do not see her going home with us until October at the earliest. Due to this fact, I am currently staying in Las Vegas,Nv. to be as close to her as possible. However being away from my home for so long is not an easy task,I also have a 3y.o. son who is staying with his grandma while I am here.Since she was so early,and we weren't expecting her so soon, I have basically nothing for her. Not knowing weather or not she was a boy or girl til she was born didn't help either. So I am asking for help. Anything is appreciated,and every little bit will help. I will update on Grace as often as I am able.

Grace's name comes from the simple fact that it is only by the grace of God that she is here with us today.

Thank you for your time and help. God Bless.
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