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Show your support for Rob and his family. Help with expenses (incurred and ongoing) during his continued battle against Colorectal Cancer.

After already having lived with Interstitial Cystitis for the past 13 years (a chronic, extremely painful bladder condition for which there is no cure or reliable treatment), 42-year old husband and father of two, Robert Jarrell, was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer (Stage 3b) on October 31, 2013.

Before continuing with details of Rob's journey and ongoing battle, it's important for you to know who Rob is so you know who you're investing in.

About Rob: "Brave", "Courageous", "Compassionate", "Inspiring", "Kind", "Strong", "Caring", "Proud", "Family Man", "Fighter"... those are just a sampling of the first things people mentioned when I asked what came to mind when they thought of Rob. He is the sole provider for his family of four (wife, Keri, and two beautiful children, Ron (5) and Autumn (3)). He is a husband, dad, son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. His courage, strength, positive attitude and determination to beat this with a smile on his face is an amazing testament to the man he truly is.

About Rob's Journey: After being diagnosed, his journey immediately began with chemotherapy and radiation simultaneously in November and then Tumor Removal and Colostomy with Colon Resection surgery in March 2014. In April, he was re-admitted to the hospital twice for a blockage, each time for about a week, and is still undergoing chemotherapy and adjusting to life with a colostomy bag. The surgery also seems to have interfered somehow with his bladder, making his Interstitial Cystitis symptoms even worse.

About Rob's (and his family's) Needs: Rob is the sole provider for his family and, unfortunately, expenses have finally caught up in a major way. He and his family truly NEED your support and help. He has been unable to work since his treatment began in late November of last year. Although he was recently approved for Long-Term Disability through his employer, he went months without any income after his Short-Term Disability ended. Even with Long-Term Disability, his income is only 60% of what his regular earnings were and he is now also having to pay a significant increase in insurance premiums through COBRA. In fact, after paying the monthly COBRA premium, it will only leave about $270 for his family's normal, monthly living expenses and medical expenses each month and his colostomy bag maintenance supplies are $300/month. That leaves no money for food or the roof over their head and basic necessities, let alone the other astronomical medical bills. This situation is expected to last until at least December, the soonest his doctors anticipate he MAY be able to return to work (God willing, he will).

About Donations: All donations* will go directly into a Fifth Third Bank For the Benefit Of (FBO) Robert Jarrell account and will be used to help Rob and his family with:

  • Medical bills incurred already and ongoing for Rob's cancer treatments (hospital stays, chemotherapy, colostomy bag supplies, prescriptions, etc.)
  • General living expenses for him and his family until he’s able to go back to work and provide fully for them again (house payment, electric, bills, unexpected emergencies, etc.)
  • A huge sigh of relief! Donations will help Rob (and his family) focus on what they should be focused on, which is Rob winning his battle without the added stress and worry of how they'll pay for that battle and regular expenses.​

Any amount you’re able to spare is not too small and will greatly help Rob and his family. If you wish to remain anonymous, please know that your donation can be made anonymously (name and/or amount). Please feel free to share this page with your friends and family asking them to do the same. If we can reach just 4,000 people and each of them give a $5 donation (or 2,000 people donate $10 each), we can pretty much reach our minimum goal which would make a HUGE difference for his family. Our ultimate goal is to exceed that minimum!

And your donations also go further than you think. All donations are housed in a For the Benefit Of (FBO) Robert Jarrell account at Fifth Third Bank and Fifth Third graciously connected the existing FBO account with their Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) campaign! What does this mean? In essence it means that Fifth Third is matching 0.5% of your donations directly benefiting Rob and giving it to SU2C. Each time we pay any of Rob’s medical bills or living expenses using your donations from the FBO account with the Fifth Third SU2C MasterCard Debit Card, SU2C will receive $0.005 of the total payment compliments of Fifth Third. Obviously we couldn’t be happier to have this tie-in because it means your donations that help Rob so much also help other cancer patients at no additional cost. It just doesn’t get much better than that! You can find out more about SU2C here: or by clicking the URL posted here in the "Related Links" section of this donation page.

*The only money that will not be used by Rob and his family is the required 7.9% fee that is reserved between GiveForward and the online payment service provider from the gross proceeds. That fee can also be paid by each donor at the time of their donation if they choose to do so in addition to the .50¢ per transaction processing fee.

Thank you, in advance, for your help. Here's to kicking Colorectal Cancer's "you know what"!

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