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Our cat, Elvis, needs costly dental surgery immediately. His infection is severe and we seek donations to ease the debt of his treatment.

Our baby Elvis (also known as little lion face) needs immediate dental surgery.

He has developed serve dental infections and gum disease and is in need of multiple extractions. Undetected as of his last vet visit two months ago, his dental problems progressed to needing at least 3-4 teeth removed and most likely up to 8. His mouth is filled with infection, and has severe problems eating. With his canines progressed so badly and rapidly, they are loose and soft in his mouth.

We live in an extended family home, with my mother and brother (his primary care givers and owners) out of work for the last year and half. My mother needs extensive dental work of her own she is already borrowing money for. We are taking out significant loans for the treatment of Elvis, and and will have more bills racking up for further treatment of chronic breathing problems he has, and for a second cat's treatment.

The surgery for Elvis itself is at $1600, and we still are working on getting a second cat here (Mystique) all the treatment she needs for feline asthma and possible dental issues as well as she has started to show similar dental symptoms. We are anticipating full medical treatment for both cats upwards of 2,500. While we don't give a second thought to making sure our cats are healthy, it is a significant monetary blow to our family. We appreciate any donation to help ease the financial shock of getting both cats happy and healthy again.

Elvis' surgery is scheduled for Monday 7/30 and we will be updating as we go along. Any money raised goes directly to paying down the vet bills and acquired debt for our fur babies. They are like children to us, and we deeply appreciate any donation at all to help.
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