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The family and friends of Jen's are uniting to raise money to help Jen's pay for treatments & surgery for Lymphoma's Disease. Thank you!

Her name is Jen and here is her story in her own words..Jen have one beautiful son who means the world to me... In march 2008 I got the worst news I ever had in my life the doctors look at me and say you have CANCER right there and then all I wanted was to died I couldn't believe it like why me I was only 19 years son being small and my family being their I decided to go thru 6 months chemotherapy... After the 6 months the doctors tell me that the treatment was a success words can't explain what I was thinking I was so happy I beat this sickness called cancer. But as years pass I started to get sick and more sick I barely seen my son cause I was in and out the hospital. So I moved out of states thinking it will better for me and my son and of course my family but like i said it was like cruse that September 2012 I got mild heart attack that lead me to the hospital with no insurance.. The doctor told me I have to get chemotherapy again for 6 months due that the cancer came back... I had no choice then to start the chemo had no insurance so again getting billed for everything .... After 4 months into the treatment the dr tells me the chemo is not working my world falls apart now I have to start all over again with a newer and stronger one that cost more. I have license to drive but cant afford a car so paying someone to take me to appointment all time is hard I barely have money i struggle by self now I am in the process of going for a bone marrow transplant and that 45 minutes away from we're I live at.... Not only that in September i go Radiation......To who ever read this I'm just 24 years old mother trying to fight this cancer so I can see my son grow don't want to see my mom or family suffering cause they are trying hard enough since I lost family members to this monster call cancer all I need is money for my medical bills and gas money to get back and forth wish I had my own car I so wont depend on people it will be less stressful since the neighbor is always making excuse not to take me since I don't have gas that's we're I really wish I had my own car if I did they have organization that help you as longest is your car.... Please anything will help I will always be thankful to those help. Being an independent mother trying to success when you have this disease trying to battle with your life ...The Worst part of this is I had money save to take my son to his dream vacation and ended up using it all !!! He be 8years old soon he understand but still because of me he can't go nowhere and it breaks my heart but there's nothing I can do till I fight this battle.......I can't do this with out y'all please help would like to take him my son to his dream vacation before anything bad happen to me....... God Bless Everyone
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