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Please pray for Mark's speedy recovery! Any donation you give would be greatly appreciated.

Team up to help Mark and Deena Bridges through these difficult times. As most of you know Mark had a heart valve replaced on March 15th. He was released to go home on March 20th. He was working hard at doing what the doctor's told him to expedite his recovery. On March 22nd he was taken to the ER due to fluid in his lungs and around his heart. Then his care taker Deena came down with the flu. On March 28th, Mark went for a follow-up appointment only to be admitted into the hospital again for an infection in the incision site. On April 3rd, their daughter developed a fever and was another patient in the Bridges household. On April 16th, Deena wrote: Mark's incision was red and looked infected again so he went to his surgeon this morning. They admitted him to TX Childrens, put him under and reopened part of his chest incision and cleaned it all out. He will now be in the hospital for 3 days on IV antibiotics and for monitoring. He's not happy about staying BUT if the infection had gotten in the bone (which it hadn't yet) he would be there 6 weeks. So we will take 3 days :) However, on April 18th Deena wrote:
PLEASE PRAY FOR MARK BAD news! He was moved to ICU early this evening. They did a CT scan and the infection is not just in that one spot it is completely all under his incision site from top to bottom. 5-7 hr surgery in the morning at 7:00 a.m. Preliminary scan shows that the infection has possibly gotten into his breast bone which is worse than having just the regular infection. They will know more when they open him up. We DONT want there to be an infection in the bone. If it has gotten in the breast bone there will be a reconstructive plastic surgery in there bc they will have to cut out and get rid of all the infected bone and then reconstruct it. Worst possible would be for the heart to be infected which would mean the valve would have to be redone again. They think the heart is ok for now. PLEASE PRAY FOR MARK. We know for sure he will be here at least 7 days just for getting reopened, if not longer depending on what they find in the morning. As of today, Deena wrote: Marks out of surgery we should be able to see him in ICU if they can get his blood pressure stable. He may need blood. The Infection got in his breast bone. They took out wires that were holding it together. Cleaned it all out and removed bad bone and tissue. They had to leave the breast bone open along with incision. So its all packed with medicated gauze and bandaged. Because of this he is in a medically induced sleep for next 3 days. Then he goes back into surgery the put his breast bone back together. Unfortunately they will not be able to wire it back together. The plastic surgeons will have to reconstruct it with muscle tissue etc. He will be in the hospital 1-2 weeks.

On April 21st, Deena wrote: Update on Mark: Feel like I am in a bad dream..... Met with Marks reconstructive plastic surgeon who will be in his surgery Monday morning at 8:00 along with his cardiovascular surgeon. They will have a challenge putting Marks sternum together as we found out today that the infection has caused him to lose 50-75% of his sternum. So they will not be able to wire it together. So they will us a technique called a skin flap and will also use muscle from either his stomach or peck to cover the part of the sternum that was taken out from the Staph infection. Thank the Lord that the infection has NOT gotten into his blood stream and has NOT hurt his heart. He has been in a medically induced sleep since Thursday morning and will remain that way until he wakes up from surgery sometime on Monday night Tuesday morning. He is on a ventilator to make him breathe as his chest and sternum is still open and packed with guaze and taped up until surgery Monday. His opening is about 8-9 inches long and 2 inches wide. Once they repair the sternum they will close the outside of his chest. Unfortunately there is NOT enough skin to pull together and sew up since the opening is wide so they will have to do a skin graph to close that big opening up. They will take his skin from his thighs or hip. Their goal is to get him closed up but also to get him OFF the ventilator. His will be on the ventilator after surgery until he is strong enough to breath on his own. So were not sure what to expect on Monday they will go in and do what they have to do to get him reconstructed and closed up. They are guessing he will be in the hospital for 2 weeks after surgery not sure how long in ICU and then how long on the cardiac floor. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

On April 23rd, Deena wrote: Mark's surgery went well it was from 8:45-2:45. Were waiting for him to get back in his ICU room to go see him. Goal is to get him off the ventilator and breathing on his own sometime tomorrow. He should wake up sometime tonight or in the morning.....

As of today, April 24th, Deena wrote: Update: Mark is still being kept sedated. He is running 102 fever and is having issues off/on with high blood pressure. He also has tracheitis (infection in his windpipe) from the ventilator. So they will watch that closely so it doesn't turn into pneumonia. They are adding a third type of antibiotic in addition to the 2 he already gets. That is because fever usually signifies an infection. We have 2 nurses and are waiting for his heart surgeon to come back and talk to us. He has a team all working together (heart surgeon, reconstructive plastic surgeon, infectious disease doctor etc.) Good news is that his heart and new valve has not been affected by all this. Thanks for your continued prayers, thoughts and concerns.

As of today, we have come together to raise $1300.00 to help with daily expenses and Mark's rising medical bills. Thank you all for your generosity!!!

As of April 24th, Deena wrote: Update on Mark: Mark has no more fever and his blood pressure is back to normal. He is still in amedically induced sleep but they will try and wean him off the sedation medicine and also wean him off the ventilator starting in the morning. He is very puffy and retaining a lot of fluid. They are running blood work and doing an ultrasound on his kidneys because they are not working quite like they should. It could be because of all the medicine he is on or a result of the previous infection. Mark will wake up and will still have the ventilator in for a couple of days which I am sure he will not like but I can't wait to see him wake up! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. Love, Mark and Deena.

In addition, due to the generosity of many people we have raised $3200.00 to help them through this long journey. Please help tem and ease their burden by donating anything you can.

On April 27th, Deena wrote: Update: Yay Mark woke up yesterday morning at 8:00am. It was a long day. Mark decided he did not want his breathing tube in so he jerked his head and disconnected it himself :) With all the pain meds etc he is and was on for the last 8days he was having real bad hallucinations all day yesterday and throughout last night. But at least he was thinking he was at a Van Halen concert (for real)! He is now on meds so hallucinations are going away. Only concern still is that his kidneys are only working at 20% but they think that will improve as the meds get out of his system and over next few days. Thanks for prayers and well wishes. ♥ Deena and Mark

On April 29th, Deena wrote: Update on Mark: Mark just got moved out of ICU and into his own room on the cardiac floor. His kidneys are doing better and have gone from functioning at 20% to now functioning at 50%! He now gets up with a PT and walks 2x a day but is still very weak. He told me to tell everyone thanks for the prayers and support

On April 30th, Deena wrote: Had a wreck on the way home! I'm going to crawl in a hole and wake up next year!

On May 1st, Deena wrote: Me and the girls are so THRILLED Mark is coming home tomorrow morning!! He wants me to get to the hospital at 6:00a.m. Some how I doubt they will discharge him that early LOL. So excited!

Mark is home to the delight of everyone. The girls were so happy to see him when they came home from school.

May 2nd, Deena wrote: Are you KIDDING me!!!! Now the lady I barely rear ended is claiming she has injuries and is trying to get money from my insurance company! She told me she was FINE after I hit her.

Due to the time both of them have missed from work and the anticipated 6 more weeks any donation to assist them with medical bills and day to day bills would be greatly appreciated.
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