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Treatment is needed outside of the country. A small donation would be appriciatively ample and make it all possible.

Casie's family and friends are uniting together to raise money to send her out of the country so she can fight her battle with cancer. (If everyone contributes a dollar or two and passes it on to a friend, we believe the goal can be reached.)

Casie has been diagnosed for the second time with Rectal Cancer. In order for her to receive the best treatment possible, she will need financial support from her family and friends. With the money raised she will be able to get alternative treatment and increase her chances greatly to prevent future recurrent.

The family & friends of Casie are coming together to spreading the word & raise funds for needed treatment outside of the country. She was originally diagnosed in 2008 with Colorectal Cancer. After 40 treatments of radiation while on chemo, a surgery was followed to remove the tumor area. She then went back on chemo for an extended period of time. The first surgery left behind a temporary ileostomy bag which was removed 6 months later when everything was put back for normal functionability (after the last chemo).
Since then she has been building up her strength and feeling better with each passing month. This last summer proved her genuine defeat as she felt truly back to normal. Her annual colonoscopy, however, told a different story. A small growth was removed as it was believed to be a simple polyp. Once biopsied, cancer cells revealed themselves.
Conventional therapy has been recommended by the doctors here in the US (chemo, surgery.....same as before but the surgery will be far more intrusive along with matching recovery time. It will be physically altering for life and could result in a permanent bag. No bueno!)
There are many additional reasons for seeking alternative treatment, all of which are far better with unwavering success. The T-cell replacement therapy, for example, is produced using a robot instead of steroids and will grow her immune system by 600 fold. These healthy cells will go and immediately kill off the current small patch of existing tumor cells. The treatment is given over a 5 day period, each of which she will feel more energized. This is the way of the future as no surgery is required. There is a reason why our FDA doesn't approve these current cures. The top US money maker is ONCOLOGY! I'm not saying that it doesn't work for some, but statistics prove it not to be in her odds. Chemo's success rate is 2.3%...........astonishing isn't it! In addition, there is NO actual evidence that it works for Colorectal Cancer (aka Rectal Cancer).
In addition to treatment, she has sought advice from a Holistic Doctor, also an MD and discovered an allergy to wheat gluten. Ironically, this is a leading cause to cancer related to hers. She's in the testing process now, but has eliminated it from her diet. She juices often, does yoga, and practices an array of other cancer fighting facts.
This treatment will help her now and give her immune system what it needs to prevent recurrence in the future. She will keep the site updated so you can see her progress and what new information she finds. It's important for her to share what she has come to learn, in hopes of helping the many others that will fight the same battle.

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