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The family and friends of Pamela Hill are uniting to raise money to help her focus on getting better while battling liver cancer.

In May of 2012, my mom Pam was diagnosed with liver cancer due to her liver disease and hepatitis C that she almost died from two years ago. Since we have been hit twice with two medical crisis, our medical expenses such as hospital stays and procedures are quite high and haven't stopped growing. This doesn't even include out of pocket money for prescriptions that my mom needs to take to manage pain from the initial hepatitis C and diabetic crisis in 2010 and the current side affects of the chemoembolyzation treatments and having liver cancer.

My family and I (which includes me, my brother, and his fiance) are worried that the added stress of medical expenses will contribute to our mom not getting better. And even though she is in a salary paid position, she has not been able to go to work, which makes her feel as if she is not doing enough or getting better as well as she should. If this continues past her amount of paid leave hours, she will either face reduced pay, provided that none of her coworkers are able to donate any leave hours. Though we are hoping that this doesn't happen, this fund can also give us piece of mind that at least some bills that really need to be paid off, will get paid.

However, this fund is foremost to pay off some previous medical bills to make way for new ones and also other debts to help ease the stress so she can worry only about getting better instead of bills. Not only that, but the year after her diabetic crisis, we got in a wreck which we believe ruined our transmission and engine in our car. The car insurance and car dealership deny that this has any relation to the wreck and refuse to help pay for repairs. Therefore, our car is sitting in our driveway waiting for us to get enough money to start repairs on it. My brother was kind enough to find an old pick up truck for my mom to drive, however, as she is weak from the chemoembo treatments, she can't manage the manual steering and neither can I. To get to appointments and run errands, it would be much easier to have our regular car fixed, for both me and my family.

I know that the economy is in a tough time and everyone is strapped for money right now, but my family has just been hit with one thing after another and could really use a break. I love my mom and can't imagine life without her. But what I really want is to lift her spirits and make her stop worrying about expenses and transportation so she can just worry about getting better.

Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.
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