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On June 27th,2011 Victor Manuel Flores was born to Brandi Flores-Martinez and Victor Flores-Martinez. He was healthy weighing 6 lbs 7 oz. When Victor was circumsized they found a second hole in his penis. The doctors called it a "divet" and said to watch and make sure he didn't pee out of it. As long as nothing came out it was fine. We switched his doctors due to moving. After his new doctor too
k one look at the " divet" she referred him to a urologist. January 4th 2012 Victor had his first appointment with Dr Cameron Schaufer (the urologist) Dr Schaufer took one look and said it was a urethral duplication and that it needed to be removed because it could cause cancer. little did we know our son already had cancer. He sent us to have some tests done to see where the duplication went. They did this using catheters and xrays. They found a mass and did a biopsy the same day. We were informed it could be cancer. When we went back to Dr. Schaufers office the same day he said no matter what he should be able to remove the mass and extra hole during surgery. We still hadnt gotten the results whether it was cancer or not. We went home and waited. A couple days later we got the call that would change our lives forever. Our little boy had cancer. He was diagnosed with squamous-cell carcinoma. He recieved radiation and on February 27th 2012 he went into surgery everything went great they removed the tumor and the duplication. He recieved radiation before and after surgery and was discharged the same day. A week in a half later he had labs done again the results were great. He was in Remission (he was cancer free) . On July 25th 2012 Victor went to Dr Schaefers office again for a follow up and labs. everything looked fine. Dr. Schaefer just said that a piece of skin had healed wrong and that when he was potty trained he would need surgery to fix it. we were fine with that. little did we know that wasnt the case. On August 1st 2012 our lives were upside down once again. we recieved a call it was dr schaefers nurse. she informed us victors bloodwork was back and that it wasnt good news and that dr schaefer should be calling me. at 1:30p.m. dr schaefer called me back and said im sorry to inform you that victor has relapsed you need to call the chemo and radiation floor tomorrow and schedule and appointment to start chemo we will send all his papers over this afternoon. my heart dropped. He said that he believes what he thought was just skin is most likely a tumor. Our first day for chemo is tuesday august 7th 2012 at 9 am. i wont be posting pictures of victor during chemo! I dont want to remember him in pain. I will post only certain pictures of happy times. Sometimes I will post from my personal page if you have any questions please email them to me @ Also if you pray please pray for understanding, strength for our family and especially for Victors older brother Silvino who is 3 yrs old thank you God Bless
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