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The funds donated will be used to help cover medical expenses for 22 month old Eli. The family of Eli Ross thank you for your support!

One smile from Eli is sure to melt your heart. He has a special way of connecting with everyone he meets. Spending even the shortest amount of time with this adorable happy child will fill your heart with love and happiness. Regardless of the struggles Eli faces on a daily basis, his strength and joyful attitude uplift and encourage his family and friends each and every day.

Eli Ross Krieg has had more surgeries and hospital visits in his 22 months of life than a lot of us will have in our entire lives. The Krieg family has been able to keep a positive outlook and environment for their two children despite the financial and emotional strains that have been present over the past couple years. Here is a short list and brief description of Eli's most pressing medical problems to date:

-Englarged Kidneys (25 weeks into Jessica's pregnancy)

-Umbilical cord abnormality

-Multiple Hernias

-Breath Holding Spells

-Sleep Apnea & aspirating liquids


Eli’s current breath holding spells and sleep apnea have been very scary for both Eli and his family. He is unable to catch his breath due to very low oxygen levels, his face can turn a blue-ish color, and he will temporarily pass out. When the doctors realized that Eli was aspirating his liquids (he will take the liquids in his mouth but will let it go down his throat without swallowing, while it sits there it starts to leak into his lungs), they sent the family home with tanks of oxygen, a large compressor that turns their home air into oxygen, a moniter that hooks up to Eli's foot that will alert Jessica & Brandon when his oxygen levels get too low, and also products that will help thicken all of Eli's liquids. The results of a recent sleep test were not what they were hoping for.Eli was obstructing 25 times per hour in his "rem" sleep. In his "dream" sleep he was obstructing 90 times per hour. Normal results show 1-2 times per hour.

These most recent health issuse have been of great concern to his doctors. They have decided to remove his tonsils to see if this helps. This surgery poses many risks due to his very young age, excessive bleeding, and losing more and more oxygen. He will be admitted to the ICU to be closely monitored. If the doctors do not see necessary improvement after removing Eli’s tonsils, they may proceed with a tracheotomy. That surgery alone would put Eli in the hospital for 6 weeks and an overnight nurse would be required at the Krieg’s home until improvement is seen.

The donations received will go towards medical expenses not covered by insurance. Children's hospital and their health insurance has helped cover some expenses but the Krieg's need help towards home and family expenses due to Jessica and Brandon both missing work, and the highly increased home utility bills resulting from the many oxygen tanks, monitors, and compressor that are on 24/7 for Eli.

If you are more comfortable mailing donations, please send to:

1730 112th ST SW #F102 Everett, WA 98204

Thank you very much for your donation!

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