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Welcome and Thank You for Stopping In~ We have developed a fundraiser to help the Lively Family with Medical Expenses, General Expenses and Relocation Expenses, for Jeff LIvely and Family.

I would like to introduce you to Jeff Lively and Family. Jeffrey Lively, Amie, Orion and Angel Lively. Jeff and Amie have been together since 1998. They moved from Denver to start a new Family, in the country. They bought a 10 acre Farm and started their new lives in Iowa.

Life was Great...until Jeff's first massive heart attack, at the age of 32. Since then, Jeff has had a second massive heart attack. Unfortunately, they have lost everything.  Jeff is now being placed on the Heart Transplant List by his Cardiologist in Rochester Minnesota where he currently goes to the Mayo Clinic.

A month ago we had to rush Jeff to Mayo Clinic due to heart attack systems. After test, Jeff's Cardiologist decided to put in a LVAD Pump until Jeff's Cardiologist decide what is next. Jeff is not on the transplant list yet. Jeff's Dr's are waiting to see if he gets better in about 2 months but he is NOT on the list or being put on the list YET. Jeff is at what they call "bridge to decision". Jeff will return monthly first being 2nd wk in May and June or July then they should decide. Jeff's Cardiologist have stated there is no doubt Jeff will be placed on the Heart Transplant List. The contributing factor, now, is when.


We must now relocate Jeff and his family to Rochester Minnesota. We can not do this without your help.

We have drained all our resources and we are now reaching out to the general public for contributions to cover the cost. We need your help, please~ 

A Personal Note from Momma:

I wish I could explain to you the strength and courage this young family has had during this life-threatening ordeal; I am so proud! They have all been through a nightmare that has no end in sight. They have been through enough. We need a small miracle~ Prayers and Contributions are Welcomed!

Thank You~

Many Blessings to You and Yours,



It has been suggested that I add information concerning what the funds will be used for.  I will try and give you the best estimates.


To relocate Jeff and Family to Rochester Minnesota for a period of 1 to 2 months up to 2 to 5 years. The time frame depends on when Jeff receives his new heart and how long recovery will be.

Family Members:

Jeff, Amie, Orion, Angel and Pet Companions. 

We would like an extra bedroom with private bath for nurses and caretakers that must stay with Jeff during recovery and help care of the children while Amie tends to Jeff around the clock.

Moving Van and Helpers

Home with Fence Yard

Rent, Utilities, Water, Trash Pick-Up, (Gas), (Deposits)

Snow Removal and Lawn Work

Attached you will find a Doctor's Recommendation that Amie must remain with Jeff during his recovery from his LVAD Pump Surgery. Amie is not able to work, care for Jeff, care for the children and home. Amie will need help and not all Family Members are able to give time needed. Therefore, we will have to hire temporary help, from time to time. 

I am sure there are other expenses that I have yet to think of. I believe this list will give you an idea of what Jeff and Amie are facing, alone, right now. Finally, Jeff has received financial assistance due to the severity of his health condition, but I can tell you that the amount barely covers the bare essentials in their lives, much less a major move like this. 

 In all honesty, they need help. I pray that whatever you are able to contribute will come back to you a thousand fold. I am so busy trying to get the facts before you that I have not shared much on an emotional level. The thought and fear of loosing my son has paralyzed me. I am numb with fear. My Son is the Heart of Our Family and without his life and light our Family would never be the same. We are all fighting with everything we have to save my son and our family. 

What keeps us going? Pure Family Love and the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty!



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