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We are bringing our hearts together for Mayra Mendoza to raise money to help with her battle against cancer. Please help us reach our goal!

I would like to tell you a little about Mayra. She is a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a wife, but more importantly she is a Mother of 3 amazing children, Humberto 10, Mariah 7, and Audrey 4. Growing up together she has always been the outgoing and independent type with such a silly personality. Her children are the center of her world and she has always worked so hard to give them a loving life with great memories. Everything was falling into place perfectly until our worlds were rocked by that horrible "C" word.

It was a day I remember as if it were yesterday. She hadn't been feeling good but with every doctor visit she had they kept medicating her and avoiding the underlying issue. She knew something was wrong and had gone to the ER. She is the suffer in silence type and tries to be strong all on her own but it had gotten too painful to endure, she called me, her sister, to be by her side and I rushed to her immediately. We weren't expecting the news we were given. When the doctor walked into her room he was shocked she even had the strength to speak. She had gone into acute renal failure among other health issues and it was than he told her she needed to have the will to survive and make it through what lied ahead. I looked in her eyes and saw her fear and confusion. I swallowed my tears and reassured her she would finally get the care she needed after all her pain she had suffered. They began treating her immediately. I had to keep myself together and hide the fear I felt inside. I walked outside for a quick moment and called our family to come right away, I couldn't do it alone.

It wasn’t getting any easier and we kept getting the worst news. And finally, after a tumor was biopsied we were told she had stage 3b cervical cancer. It wasn’t until her kidneys were healthy enough she began radiation and chemotherapy. She spent the next two months in the hospital receiving treatments away from her children and husband. We did our best to give her family a decent Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital. She was finally discharged early December, in time to spend the holidays with her children as she had wished for. She has undergone over 2 weeks of continuous chemotherapy and 64 radiation treatments. She amazes us with her strength and her will to keep going.

Just recently, in August, she underwent a massive surgery removing her tumor but has since been hospitalized three times. The cancer has spread and she is set to begin a more aggressive chemotherapy regimen.

We have had so much love and support over the past year but with her current condition we are now asking for help to cover medical expenses, a beautiful wig, and any unforeseen expenses. Also, with the holidays approaching we want to give her children a Christmas they deserve with their Mommy.

Every aspect of her illness is costly. Not only financially; but mentally and emotionally. We are doing everything we can for her and her children. It really has been an uphill battle but with the power of prayer and the tremendous love we have for her we can help her beat this! She will not let this monster get the best of her! Any donation amount is helpful and very much appreciated!
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