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Russell Alan Kinsey's family & friends are uniting to raise money to help pay for funeral expenses & help his wife Betty Jo Kinsey survive.

Russell Alan Kinsey passed away unexpectedly Thursday night, February 13th at 11:52 pm at the Kingwood Hospital of a Massive Heart Attack.

He leaves behind his wife of 28 years and the 9 year old grandson they were helping raise. 

He was a fighter, a cancer survivor  and a Christian who devoted his time to his church and his family.  Rusty loved collecting baseball cards, going to NASCAR races with his best friend David, fishing, spending time with his family, playing basketball with his grandson, being with his grandchildren and just enjoying life.

Rusty, as we call him, loved his new job, his co-workers and the ones he soon called his friends and had hopes of being there for a long time to come but  he had only been on the job less than 90 days and insurance was set to start March 1st. 

Betty Jo Kinsey is being left behind with their grandson to take care of, medical bills, funeral expenses, their current bills and obligations and having to learn how to survive without her sole provider needs our help.  She needs her family, her church and her community to surround her with love, faith and friendship now more than ever as she enters in to this next phase of her life.  I ask that everyone reading this take a quick pause to say a little prayer for her strength.


Betty Jo Kinsey lost her job of 22 years in 2012 and has not been able to regain employment since.  Rusty had just been laid off right before this.  This was a devastating time for all of us.  Their youngest daughter took them in  with her husband and their kids for several months so they could sort things out without fear of being homeless.  Space was tight but we all did what we could to make it work as best as possible.  Later they went on to live with their son and daughter-in-law which is where they reside today with what was the hope of getting on their feet.  Their daughter-in-law or as we just say 'daughter' has been providing not only for Rusty, Betty Jo and their grandson but her own family including 3 beautiful girls.  Rusty tried to help out when and where he could.  It's a tough job market when your 52 and not exactly in the physical condition to do hard manual labor but he kept trying and with this last job we all really thought this was going to be the start of a new beginning for their family, for their independence, to go back to some sliver of what life was like just a couple of years ago.  That hope is now gone. 

It is my hope, by means of this fundraiser and other community efforts that we can help alleviate the financial struggles she has ahead so she has time to grieve for the loss of her soul mate on Valentine's Day.

Other than the expenses listed above we will also be needing money to pay off his truck, get new tires for it so she feel safe driving it, insuring it, and maintaining it.  This was their truck, it's a way for her to keep her bond strong and while the truck may not last for ever, losing it will be like losing him all over again.

She will be needing money to help pay for her grandson and their everyday expenses like clothes, school supplies, food, make up, shampoo, soap and all of the things that we take for granted as just having. 

Every dollar counts, there is no contribution too small.  Please help me in uniting her community and giving forward.
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