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Funds will be used to help pay the medical costs not covered by insurance for Glenn Annan-Brady in his battle against pancreatic cancer.

My dear husband, Glenn, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on his 60th birthday, March 30, this year.
Irony of ironies, he said, since his mother had died of the very same disease on his 39th birthday.

But somehow we were able to find some perverse humor in the circumsances. In fact, it's been humor and a lot of perseverance that has got us both through so far, as, indeed, it had done 20 years ago when I had breast cancer.

As I've blogged about on several occasions, this has been a most interesting and challenging year with many, many things going on in our family, both happy and sad. The happy events have been the birth of a grandson in March and the marriage of our second daughter coming
up in August.

Most of our efforts this year, of course, have gone to getting Glenn the care he needs, although, to be pefectly honest, sometimes one wonders just exactly what that is.We have explored both both conventional
and alternative treatments and settled on a combination of both.

We had been told the original goal was to shrink the mass in the pancreas through chemotherapy in order to arrive at a point where surgical removal would be possible. This was complicated by the fact that the
initial chemo led to Glenn having to spend a week in hospital to recover from the effects. Since then it seems we have wasted time proceeding with more chemo but
a different kind and at a lower dose. After some initial shrinkage, the tumor has, in fact, grown back slightly.

I'm not going to bother everyone with specifics of chemo names, dosages, sizes, etc., etc. Believe me, after four months of this I know how boring it can get.But the big picture is we went to Sloane Kettering for a second opinion and were told the tumor is not now and never will
be resectable (operable). They agreed the course of treatment now should be radiation and concurrent chemo (which incidentally was recommended back in April before it was switched to chemo alone).

The long-term goal now is to continue to contain the
mass in the pancreas and keep Glenn as healthy as can be through a nutrional approach.

This all costs money.

We are fortunate in that Glenn has relatively good health insurance, although his individual policy costs and arm and a leg each month. He is not old enough yet
for Medicare.

But even with medical insurance, as we all know only too well, all those co-pays and costs above reasonable and customary certainly add up.

Yesterday, I literally spent the entire day sorting through bills and EOBs trying to figure out what needed to be paid immediately. To date we've paid out at least $2,500 - probably more - for prescriptions, copays and uncovered medical expenses. And that doesn't even
bring us up to date on the bills pending, not to mention those that will continue to come in and the monthly insurance premium.

Glenn has already been forced to cash in a CD and an IRA to keep up with things, which affects what he was planning to give our daughter for her wedding.

As I read somewhere along the way, none of us wants to think of ourselves as a charity case. But the reality is, when it comes to long-term medical costs, especially for cancer, we all are.

People have been so supportive throughout all this, offering words of support and other kindnesses. And we much appreciate that. This is just one other way some
might want to offer assistance.

Thank you all for whatever you can do.
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