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Our 5 yr old autistic son Rance needs help with speech. The Ipad has apps that have helped other autistic kids. We're hoping it can help us.

I was reading a "parents of autistic kids" website and came across a few articles where the apple ipad had apps that helped some autistic kids with language and other skills. You can google "autism and the ipad" to find a couple articles. Of course I got excited because we will try anything to help our son improve his way of life. Our sons speech is very limited and what he says is mostly just repeating. He doesn't say many words spontaneously. Even mommy (which he pronounces poppy) and daddy aren't spontaneous, he'll just repeat them. If he needs something he comes and gets us, or brings things to us.We have a 2 yr old daughter and even though she isn't autistic her speech is delayed. They are really close and of course being the younger sister she copies everything big brother does. She doesn't call us mommy or daddy either, she does like he does and takes us to what she wants or brings it to us.
Rance gets 20 minutes a week of speech at school from a speech therapist. At his IEP meeting we found out that sometimes it's not even one on one. Sometimes it's in a group setting. Our daughter (IvaLee.. aka Ivy) gets 4 hours a month at home from the early intervention program.
Anyway, I was excited about the prospect of something else helping them beside me doing flash cards and such. I started looking up prices thinking it would be about $150. Holy crap, was I wrong, my jaw hit the floor! $500! We can't afford that! I set out to try to find a way to get one. I entered sweepstakes, I looked into work at home programs, (I'm a stay at home mom) they're mostly scams. I sold a few books on ebay but we'll never get one at this pace. I found this website through a blog about how much the ipad was helping this womans son and how you could try to get one if you couldn't afford it. There's a foundation that gives them away to qualified candidates but of course we don't qualify. I really want one for my kids and if I have to totally hurt my pride to get them one then I'm going to do it.

I need help to buy my kids an IPAD.

I know there are other people on here with life threatening illnesses that need financial help and it might not be fair for me to ask for help but I'm going to do it anyway. I want to hear my kids call me mommy on their own and this could be the break-through help with their speech that we've been looking for. Thank you so much for your time!
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