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Raising money to make home safe

I am in remission from Stage 3 Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma. It is usually a terminal illness, but I have beaten the odds so far, but with my type of cancer, it always returns as chemo and radiation do nothing for this type. Surgery is the only option and with surgery only, you can't get the stray cancer cells, so that is why it comes back. I need some repairs on my 1972 mobile home so I can continue to live in it. It needs all new floors as they are starting to fall in. It needs a new roof, due to leaks. It needs new kitchen cabinets, as the ones I have are falling apart. It needs new windows, as some are even broken and the others have been in the mobile home since the 70's. It needs insulation before winter gets here again. I have mice inside my walls, which is a fire hazzard, and causes health problems. I am allergic to grass,trees, molds, dustmites, cockroaches, bees, housedust, basically out of the 57 things tested for, there were only 11 that I wasn's allergic to. The nurse said I need to live in a My husband quit his job in April and the only income in the home is my SSI Disability of $650.00 per month, and my daughters SSI Disability of 698.00 per month. That is barely enough to cover the bills, due to the shape of my home, the electricity bill is outrageous, the propane is too expensive due to no insulation and the window needing replaced. It would almost be cheaper to get a new/used mobile home and put it out here, instead of completely remodeling this old one. My husband is leaving us for the winter and moving to Texas to be near his parents, who moved there 4 years ago. I can't leave my home, I am an only child and my dad passed away 3 years ago, and my mom is going blind. I can't just up and leave her in her time of need, but I need help to be able to continue living here. Please help me before the mice in my walls cause a fire, and everyone knows a mobile home goes up totally in minutes. I am scared to sleep at night because I'm worried there will be an electrical fire and I won't be able to get out in time. The money raised will either go to the complete remodeling of my current mobile home, or used to purchase another used/new mobile home to put out here on my in-laws property. I am sick alot, and I'm afraid there is mold inside my home somewhere, which could be causing some of my medical problems. I need a handicapped accessible home, as I also have deep vein reflux which could cause me to lose my legs if I can't find a doctor who can repair my valve problems in the main deep vein in my legs. I can hardly walk as it is. Please help me keep and repair my OLD mobile home, or help me get a new/used/new to me mobile home to replace mine which is falling apart. I can't even go into my bedroom, as I am overweight and my bedroom floor is so weak I'm afraid the floor will fall in. Most of the floors in this home are like that, but my room and my daughters room are the worst right now.
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