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Mother of a wonderful boy is wanting to secure his future and keep him from his abusive biological father.

I am at a loss, and I have finally reached where I can’t do it myself anymore. I need to gather funds to go to court with over custody. I have full/sole/legal custody, but my X has visitation. He doesn’t make visitation regularly and he is a registered level 2 sex offender. I want to be free of him and his anger and his inability to be in my child’s life. We have been in and out of court since 2008 (about every 3 months). I want a real life for my son now, where abuse either physical or mental is no longer involved. Can you please help I have been doing all my own legal and I think now it is time for a lawyer who can help me end this all. I have a lawyer near me who will take my case, if I can come up with the money. This would be saving a little boy from more trauma from his physically and mentally abusive biological father who seems to not car how he yo-yo’s with his son’s emotions.

"shortened" Story of case
Long story.. but I will try to make it follow-able.

1) Seperaterd Oct 2008 - Divorce Final May 5 2009.

2) Xhusband given visitation of every Saturday, supervised for 4hours

3) 8 months gone by - Parenting plan was revised as XH only made it once a month. New plan 4 hours once a month on 3rd Saturday all still supervised.

4) Went semi well for 8 months, I Re-married and began a new life- I live in WA, went to court, was granted the move. Same visitation schedule, just location change.

5) Became ill and couldn't complete the move - notified XH - offered to drive to new visitation location. XH stopped all communication for 6 months, out of the blue called me, told me to have my new husband adopt him he was done, I agreed, filed a new parenting plan w/ termination of parental rights attached, he got them and showed to the court date.

6) Court date arrives, he told the courts non-communication was because of work. Told the courts he wanted more time. Was granted unsupervised visitation, 4 hours on 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. Made the 3rd Sunday in Feb, None in March, made April 1st, and then called day before next visitation telling me he wrecked his car ( no insurance / no license) and told me he may make one in May-possibly!? Judge said to make a relationship with child within 6 months and then he may get more visitation, 6months up in July. He has only called once a month to talk to the child. He also lied about car insurance to me when he picks up my son.

My son's nickname is Monster, hence, the HelpMonster tag. See he has nightmares about monsters, so I told him he is the only monster that can live in our house and all the others have to find new homes... so now he goes by monster :) and has not had any more bad dreams.

*** I have included in my fundraising the amount for processing etc so that I will have enough to go to court and complete processing ***

At this point I don't have a Paypal account as the last time I had one I was taken advantage of and was out $2000 in the matter of days.. and I only had $3.00 in the account. luckily my bank investigated :0) I will work on getting one soon
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