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Friends of Alyssa Warman's are attempting to raise money to help pay for potentially life saving treatments and related medical expenses.

Tomorrow (November 9th, 2011) is Alyssa's 19th birthday, and I want to give her something special and unique. This fundraiser is my attempt to help ensure that she gets to see her 20th.

Alyssa Warman is a Freshman in college who for the last 4 years has been battling for control of her own body. 4 years ago Lyme Disease took away her control over her own legs. It took sensation from the right half of her body, and it took away several of the dozen languages that she had learned, along with an unknown amount of other memories from previous years. Only after receiving physical therapy for several years, she could finally walk when assisted by a cane or walker.

Recently, literally overnight, the Lyme took back all that work. That day she woke up, felt a bit funny, and could barely move. She is currently unable to walk, even assisted, and is trapped getting around in a wheelchair. Now it is believed that the disease is spreading, and threatens to take her life as well. Nobody knows what it could take away from her next. Perhaps her breathing, sight, it is unknown and unpredictable.

Her medical bills over the years have piled high, over $100,000, and a new procedure that could save her life may cost upwards of $20,000. I'm just trying to raise money so that she can get the treatment she needs to continue to live as long and as happily as she can.

Alyssa is a brilliant girl with a 3.9 GPA, who hopes to one day be able to finish her college education and go to work in law enforcement, eventually hoping to work her way up to the FBI.

I just hope that she'll have the chance, and I'm asking you to help her too. Any amount is inexpressibly appreciated.
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