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Brother ChiSing’s friends are uniting to raise money to help with his holistic healing expenses for Nose Throat Cancer (stage 3).

We have set up a fundraiser page on to raise money to help Brother ChiSing pay for expenses he will incur as he pursues holistic treatments that are not covered by medical insurance.

We have reposted the letter Brother ChiSing sent out along with an mp3 audio and transcript of his Dharma talk on "Cancer, Healing and the Bodhisattva Way."

For those who also wish to send prayers and information/support there is space to post a virtual HUG message on this site in the "Virtual Activity" box below.


Dear mindful friends,

Last Sunday I "came out" publicly regarding my current "health opportunity" with Stage 3 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (Nose Throat Cancer). It is near the opening to my left ear's eustachian tube, causing some loss of hearing in my left ear due to fluid build-up, as well as bloody mucus out of my nose every few hours. It is about 4.5 cm wide and has penetrated into my skull bone toward my brain so far.

I have decided to treat this "health opportunity" in as many holistic ways as possible, resorting to chemotherapy and radiation therapy only if I am near death's door (or if the pain becomes too excruciating or if I start losing my eyesight). I personally do not believe that chemo/radiation is a good option. However, as a last resort, it might be the only thing to save my life at this point. If I had done something about this sooner, like a year ago when the strange symptoms began, maybe I could have healed this cancer with just holistic means. Please don't be stubborn like me. When you have strange symptoms, GO SEE THE DOCTOR right away!

I would be honored if all of you, my friends, students and colleagues, would please take the time to listen to my 30-minute speech which I gave on Sunday [January 19] at the Dallas Meditation Center to about 55 persons present: "Cancer, Healing, and the Bodhisattva Way."

Thank you for your metta and mindful prayers.

Love and gratitude,
Brother ChiSing

Brother ChiSing highly recommends that you memorize and chant the mantra of the Medicine Buddha of Healing. He would love it if you could chant it at least 12 times on behalf of his well-being. Thank you! You can find the words and the chant recording of it here.

Please note: You may send a donation by mail. Please send checks to the following address:

attention Brother ChiSing Wellness Fund
Dallas Meditation Center
727 S. Floyd Road
Richardson, Texas 75080

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