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Raven and Thora Pond are trying to raise money to help pay off Lees medical bill and get his prescriptions filled. Also, help pay for a home

Well they say when it rains it pours. Since the end of last year our small family has fallen on some seirous hard times. Lee and I have tried our hardest to stay positive and keep up hope. As we all know thats a had feat when so many of us are in the same boat. But now its seems "We need a bigger boat"!

As many of you know, I lost my job at the end of last year. Lee, at that time was not working. right away he worked very hard at tempt jobs here and there. But as of about 6 months ago we lost our home. We were paying the rent as best we could,were still paying off a large utility bill from a leak in the basement, I myself were trying to keep up with my own medical bills, then we lost our home because the owners decicded to sell. Now we are living with Lee's parents (whome live past Fountain) in the basement. As it does help, the expense in gas is close, if not more, 70 bucks a week! From getting Lee to and from work, getting Thora to and from school (some times I am left to sleep in the car to save on gas while Thora is in school), and myself searching for work. The plan was to save on money but when Lee is paid very little and gas is so high, paying for storage, paying off past bills, we have not been able to save much at all. I could go on for a while with a laundry list of the "hard knocks" we have gotten this year but it's almost too hard to type, as its been such a heart breaking year.

To make matter worse, as of Aug 16th, I had to rush Lee (my husband) to the ER. We were sure that his appendix had burst. Three days of not being able to hold anything down, searing pain and so fourth, I could not bare to see him this way. If you know Lee, you know he can handle his fare share of pain. Eight hours in the ER, scans and tests later we found out that his appendix has yet to "burst", yet has an infection throughout the abdomen and has inflammation. Long story short... Appendicitis. Although, this is treatable, Lee does not have insurence of any kind. The doctor chose not to remove his appendix, yet gave him a dose of antibiotics and a prescription for more antibiotics which we were supposed to fill and he was supposed to finish...however, another "hard knock", without insurence we could not fill these!

So here we are. Lee wishes not to ask for help but I am, as his wife, at the end of my rope! I cannot watch my family suffer, wait for my husbands appendix to burst, all the while we struggle to save money to get out of a basement. We cannot afford the medical bills. Without filling the script antibiotics, this will, in time happen again. If anyone has been down this road, as you know, you receive one bill after the next from the hospital. I have turned in the paper work to Medicad for him, its now a waiting game on that. We are also waiting on food stamps. Next week I should be starting a job. Lee continues to work which is only to put gas in the car.

We are only asking for a small "Life Line". Some small hope. If we can pay some of this medical bill and get Lee to a doctor. Find a home and have utilities, maybe we can breath a bit.

Thank you for your time. And if only you can say a prayer, send love and light, that would be amazing.

Raven & Thora Pond
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