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I have to start by saying that I am super hesitant to ask for help for a few different reasons.

First, I have a huge fear of being rejected. Secondly, I am not the person that ever asks for help-in fact I'm the person that usually helps others. However, I am in serious need of dental work and I simply can't afford it. It has gotten progressively worse over the years and I am becoming depressed because I no longer like to smile and I can only minimally chew on one side of my mouth. Yes, I have dental insurance, however I was told that the amount of dental work that I need will tip the scales at over 17,900 and I simply do not have that kind of money. I just had a Son and there is just no extra cash right now. My fear is that any day I can lose my teeth. I used to have a beautiful smile, but due to undiagnosed gingivitis and the fact that I grind my teeth at night, my teeth are crumbling from my mouth. I have gaps in my teeth...I never had that! I just really need the help to be able to get my smile back. Every day my mouth is in pain and I have to take several ibprofin daily just to deal with the pain. Any help that anyone can offer me will be greatly appreciated.
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