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Kyeshia has been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. There is no cure for this disease all we can do is keep her comfortable

Kyeshia is my oldest daughter who has been diagnosed with a disease that has no cure. Retinitis Pigmentosa is a disease where the photoreceptors cells ( rods and cones) die off. This disease is an inherited disease and most people with this disease go completely blind. She struggles with loss of color, loss of night vision, tunnel vision, no depth perception as well as severe pressure in her eyes causing migraine so bad she can't get out of bed. My sweet daughter is handling this with great strides but she wants to travel to a few places in the US such as Georgia, Washington, New York, Alaska, Tennessee and to go see wild Sea Turtles and whales swimming in the ocean and a few others  as well as outside the US like Paris, Scotland, England and be able see these things before she can't. I am doing all I can to raise my daughters on my income and yet want to make sure Kyeshia gets to see things before it is to late. Any help is appreciated and god bless you!

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