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Nina's family trying to raise money to bring her home. please show your support any way possible.

My name is Daylynne Wall and my dogs name is Nina. Nina is a a 5 year old half Pomeranian half Chihuahua. I have had her for over three years. I got her as a companion for my other dog Jezabel and for my daughter Audrey. Nina is a huge part of the family, shes our lil baby who just wants to be loved. Unfortunately I had to give our lil baby to the humane society in order to get her surgery that i couldn't afford. Nina needed a c-section because there was one puppy stuck inside her and another still in her belly. She went into labor on may 16th and gave birth to two puppies. I had thought she was done having puppies and when she started pushing agian the next day i thought she was constipated. She had pooped all over herself and needed a bath. I took her in the shower and when cleaning her I noticed a paw sticking out her vagina. The sack was broken so i was sure the puppy didnt make it but still it needed to come out. I tried myself but i didnt want to risk hurting Nina so i called the Vet. The vet said to bring her in. They did x-rays and found the one puppy was stuck along with there being another puppy still in her belly. They said she needed a c- section and gave me an estimate of 2,000 to 2,300 dollars. In order to have the surgery done i needed 75 percent up front which i didnt and dont have. I applied for care credit and was denyied. I had my best friend's father along with my daughters father apply as well and they too were denied. I asked what other options i had and was told they could call the humane society and see if they could help. The lady from the humane society told me in order for them to pay for it i would need to give them my dog along with the puppies by signing them over to the humane society. In doing that i would be giving up my dog. I asked why i couldnt just pay them back and was told if the dog gets care threw them it wouldnt cost as much as if it were through me and basically they dont have the funds to do it any other way. She told me if i wanted my dog back i'd need to reembuse them for the fees of her surgery along with bording. If i cant come up with the money by the time Nina is eligable for adoption they could give her to someone else. I dont understand why someone else could adopt her when my home is the home she's known for over 3 years. I dont know how to tell my daughter her dog is gone. She loves nina as do I and it feels as if our family has been torn apart. Im doing my best to get nina back, I've put my truck up for sale and applied for loans but really i dont know what else to do. I need help and am asking if anyone could donate any amount of money to get nina home that it would be greatly appreciated.
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