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The family and friends of Max Ferguson have united to raise money to help with his battle against craniosynostosis.Please show your support!

On August 27th, a day before Max turned 6 months, he was sadly diagnosed with craniosynostosis.  Our carefree world came crashing down the moment we heard this foreign diagnosis.  After hearing this, we began to question if we had played any part of this and if we could have done anything to prevent this, because as parents you try blaming yourself if anything happens to your sweet inocent baby.  After Max's CT scan confirmed that his left suture line on his skull had fused prematurely and his left eye was deformed in result of this, we took every pamphlet and read it cover to cover as well as everything the web had to offer.  We learned that craniosynostosis is mostly a genetic condition that if left untreated will cause a deformed skull and/or face, low IQ due to the skull restricting proper brain growth, and blindness.  Around 10 months of age, Max will have to undergo an extensive 8 hour surgery where a neurosurgeon and a cranio-facial surgeon will make an incision from ear to ear.  After exposing the skull, the surgeons will remove part of the skull, then reshape and replace the skull with a variety of materials.  Babies usually require a blood transfusion during surgery.  Aftein the 7-10 hour surgery, Max will experience extensive swelling, pain, and constant discomfort and will remain in the hospital for another 5 to 7 days

My wife and I met in 8th grade, and later shared an Early Childhood Developement, where we started dating.  She was a cheerleader and i was the football player in the small town in Clover, SC.  We knew then that we had found our soul mate and could then spend the rest of our lifes enjoying one another.  We got married on 5/1/10 and she soon gave birth to our first son, Leo.  He filled our lives with so much joy we didn't waste any time bringing our second miracle into the world.  After a 24 hour long labor, our sweet baby boy Max was born 4 weeks early!  If you do decide to donate, know you are helping an all-american family, who would love to bring up there kids without the stress of financial ruin hanging over their heads.

How will your donations be utilized?  Yes, we do have insurance which covers 80% but not everything is covered, and with surgery, ct scans, helmets to reshape the skull, hospital recovery time, travel expenses, and time away from work we facing are financial hole that we fear we will not be about to climb out of.  This is why we have swallowed up our pride and are asking for your help in funding a christian families journey through troublesome times.
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