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My family is looking to raise money to help us with the cost of ongoing medical expenses and expenses of daily living.


I am a nurse who has spent the last 22 years of my life caring for people and now I find myself the one in need. Four years ago I went to the hospital for a routine test. After waiting for about an hour after the procedure I finally got a nurse to come into my room. When I asked her when I could leave she just kind of chuckled and said "didn't anyone talk to you?". Being a nurse I just looked at her and said hey are you trying to scare me or something? She then proceeded to tell me that I was booked for emergency surgery and the doc should have come in to talk to me already...bad joke I told her...wait, she wasn't laughing...

Eventually the doctor did come in and explained to me that four of my cardiac arteries were 98-99% huh? When I do something I try to do my best...the 99 percentile...I know not funny...I was stunned, I was like, wait, I just worked a double shift and have to work one tomorrow....he just shook his head.
"If you leave the probability will be that you drop dead." WOW!!! To the point...they told me to call my family to come get my possessions. Yes, come get my I'm getting scared..."Hey nurse, can I get a Xanax?".

So I had the surgery, ran into complications, didn't leave the hospital for over a week. They had trouble getting me off the respirator. All I remember is gasping for air, thinking "this is it...survive heart surgery and die from suffocation."

Four years have passed, I haven't had insurance, no help from the state, no help with cash assistance, I need to stay a shadow of my once see, I have never been the same...
Oh sure, inside I still have my free spirit way of awesome sense of humor, but I don't have the ability to walk a grocery store or even outside on a humid day...I can't afford the specialists I need, the meds I need or even labwork...

I make jewelry to try to fund my family expenses, not having much luck on four children try to help, but finding jobs around here are tough as nails...I only hope to be able one day to go to work, I miss my job, I miss my life...I did go back to work 3 weeks after surgery...yes 3 weeks later, my incision wasn't even healed yet...due to financial situations, like food, rent, insurance. But now I have been unemployed since last March and everyday that goes by I sink a little more...waiting to hear about disability, but it's been months...we owe our landlord over a year's rent...thank the Lord for him...but we need some serious help here...

Hope to find some good hearted people that can give forward, and when able we will return the favor....
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