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This fund will help Tasha, a rescue boxer in foster care, to receive the surgery she needs to save her leg.

Tasha is a super sweet, happy young boxer girl who needs your help. She is currently a NorCal Boxer Rescue (NCBR) foster dog, and is staying with us at our home.


The nutshell version (the longer version follows):

Tasha needs orthopedic surgery to save her leg. Due to complications from a surgery she had performed in a shelter, Tasha’s medical costs have become exorbitant for the rescue organization responsible for her medical care. The rescue organization has already paid for Tasha’s heartworm treatment, surgery to remove infected hardware put in Tasha’s knee at the animal shelter, and over two months of expensive antibiotic treatment (costing $10/day). Without help, the organization will be forced to amputate Tasha’s leg, since this is a much cheaper, but drastic, treatment for Tasha’s injury. This fund will help ensure that Tasha receives the expensive, but very common, surgery she needs. Every dollar helps, and is appreciated!


The longer version:

Tasha was picked up as a heartworm positive stray with a torn CCL (the dog equivalent of an ACL). She had surgery on her knee performed at the shelter where she stayed for a month before NCBR rescued her from scheduled euthanasia. Unfortunately, the hardware put in Tasha’s knee at the shelter caused a severe infection that caused Tasha substantial pain and was not resolved by antibiotic treatment alone. Tasha returned to NCBR’s vet where, in addition to starting heartworm treatment, she had the infected hardware from the surgery performed at the shelter removed.

Assuming the additional 6 weeks of antibiotic treatment will now resolve Tasha’s infection, she will need TPLO surgery to stabilize her knee. TPLO surgery is an invasive, but not uncommon surgery, in which the knee joint is repaired in such a way that Tasha will no longer need her CCL. Though the surgery requires a long recovery, it has an excellent success rate. This treatment, including two surgeries, bacterial cultures, and an antibiotic regimen, is estimated to cost around $5000.

NCBR has saved the lives of many hundreds of wonderful boxers, for whom they provide medical attention, love, and a foster home before matching them with loving forever homes. NCBR rescued Tasha from certain death, knowing that she would need medical care. But due to the unforeseeable instability of Tasha's initial knee repair and the infection it caused, Tasha's medical expenses have far exceeded what any rescue organization can afford. Without financial help, NCBR will likely be forced to amputate Tasha’s leg, since this would be a much cheaper treatment than TPLO surgery and subsequent rehabilitation. Amputation is a drastic treatment option for the kind of common injury Tasha has, however, and is not a good option since a high percentage of dogs with Tasha’s injury on one knee develop the same injury on the other. If Tasha’s one remaining knee suffers a ruptured ligament, the consequences could be tragic.

We are fundraising to help make up the difference between what NCBR can afford, and what Tasha will need. We do not know much about Tasha's past, other than that she's had an unfair life. She is a very lovely young girl, apparently used for breeding and then dumped when she injured her knee. She is missing several teeth, and many others are chipped, indicating the extent of her neglect. In spite of everything she's been through, however, Tasha is an extremely sweet, snuggly little boxer girl. She has an excellent boxer wiggle, and is a little kissing fiend. Though she's been on crate rest during her time with us, we can see that she has a wonderful, joyous, and silly personality. She is such a beautiful, sweet girl, who deserves the opportunity to receive as much love as we know she has to give.

Thank you for visiting Tasha's page and reading her story. We, NCBR, and Tasha will truly appreciate anything you can share to help her have the life she deserves. Donations of any size help! Anything collected in excess of Tasha's medical expenses will be donated to NorCal Boxer Rescue, which not only saved Tasha's life, but also saves the lives of hundreds of other boxers every year. Please share Tasha's page via Facebook, twitter, or email, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

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