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Otis has seizers & it sucks. The Reeds are fighting hard, this fund will help pay for medical expences. Thanks for your love/support!

Otis and his amazing mommy and daddy are getting ready for a big trip to visit some super smart doctors and have some (more) tests run. As you can imagine, this is super exciting, a little scary and mundo expensive.  You see, Otis was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms when he was just a little guy.  He's had a rough year full of seizures, hospital stays, sleepless nights and medical tests.  Otis is 14 months old and is developmentally delayed and still having clusters of hundreds of seizures on a daily basis. Mr O. is one tough cookie and he's overcome ALOT, he is now smiling, chattering, trying out solid foods, working on head control and sitting! The hope is a visit to a team of docs in Cleveland will lead to medical tests and a possible surgry.  Otis has the possible potential of living a seizure free life.  We all want that!

To add to the list of stressors in their life Ryan & Kathy had a massive plumbing issue at their home that cost a ridiculous amount to fix and left them unable to live at home for a bit.  AND Kathy was recently hit head on by a drunk driver on her way to pick Otis up from his Grandparents.  Thank God she was not seriously injured and that Otis was not in the car.  It was still a very rough experience, the driver of the other car died, passanger was life flighted.  Kathy & Ryan's car was totaled adding the necessity of purchasing a new car to their "to do" list.  You might be saying to yourself "wow, life is really kicking this family in the pants!" I think we'd all agree!

So...with Ryan & Kathy's blessing (but not their idea!) we are trying to rally support for them in all shapes and sizes! These two crazy kids have made a bunch of amazing friends all over this great planet and I'm guessing you've been wondering "Gee, what can I do to help those guys?" Well, wonder no more! Of course cold hard cash would be great (think what they could do with $5 from everyone that loves them?!?!?). But there are also lots of other important things that could help! We'll keep a running list and also try to keep you posted on their travel plans and how everyone is doing.

Here goes:

1) Prayers, happy thoughts, pixie dust, good vibes

2) Meals delivered to the house OR gift cards for resturants that deliver

3) Gas cards or gift cards for resturants (I'll work on a list of places near the hospital in Cleaveland)

4)  If you or someone you know has an old I-Pad (come on, you know you want the new one!) there are lots of great theraputic apps and programs that would be helpful for O.  Contact R & K to make a deal.

 5) Cold hard cash which you can bet will be used with a great deal of thought and put toward what will best serve Otis and his health needs. Click on the hugs button above to donate right here!  It just takes a minute and you can use your credit card OR Pay Pal account!

 What, you may be asking might that cold hard cash be used for?  Here's a short list:

Paying co-pays for hospital stays, doc visits and scripts

Purchasing theraputic items

Purchasing assistive items

Travel costs including gas, food and lodging

Making ends meet while R & K take  time off of work

Etc, etc, etc!


The fine print: This is a GREAT site! Do be aware that because of the amazing service they provide (web site, credit card processing, credit card safety, etc) they do take 7% out of the final donation total. If you would prefer to write a check directly to Ryan & Kathy contact them OR drop me an email at  and I will provide you with their contact info!

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